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Opioid Treatment Program

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For a person with an opioid use disorder, an opioid treatment program can help them get treatment and maintain a substance-free life.

An opioid treatment program is committed to the treatment of individuals with an opioid use disorder. Indiana opioid treatment centers are a network of outpatient providers that offer an array of medically supervised medication assisted treatment options for those who wish to overcome an addiction to or dependence upon opioids.

Opioid treatment is the dispensing of opioid treatment medication, along with a complete range of medical and rehabilitative services to any individual who has an opioid use disorder. This will ease the adverse medical, psychological or physical effects of opiate addiction.

Indiana opioid treatment programs have experienced and professional staff which includes doctors, nurses and counselors who work with clients to determine the most appropriate dosage of any medication prescribed and any additional therapeutic interventions that will further the recovery process. Individual and group therapy is provided at all Indiana opioid treatment programs in order to enhance the effectiveness of the medication assisted treatments that are offered.

Currently, Indiana has several opioid treatment centers certified by the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction with additional locations opening up later this year. If an individual is in need of an opioid treatment facility, please click here and contact the opioid treatment facility in your area.

Men and women 18 and older, who have an opioid use disorder for one year or more can apply for enrollment in services.

Family and Social Services Administration
Division of Mental Health and Addiction
Opioid Treatment Program
402 West Washington Street, Room W353
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Main office 317-232-7800
General fax 317-233-3572
Secure fax 317-233-1986

Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn, Assistant Medical Director

Tony Toomer, MBA, MSW, Opioid Treatment Program Manager

Attention: Prohibition of new Opioid Treatment Programs. According to Indiana Code 12-23-18-5.5;
The division may not grant specific approval to be a new opioid treatment program.