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About the Burial Assistance Program

The Burial Assistance Program was established by the state of Indiana to help with burial costs for those who are eligible in specific categories of Medicaid. Additional assistance may be offered through township trustees to qualified low-income or indigent residents. The Social Security Administration may also provide some limited financial assistance as well.

Announcement for burial providers

To better serve everyone, we have implemented a new number to call to check Medicaid eligibility. The individual on the phone will be able to give you the information that you require to complete a burial claim which is case number and category of assistance. There has been no change with the burial eligibility categories. Burial assistance eligible categories are MA A, MA D, MA B, MA R, MASI, and MADW. Any other category that may be given on the person in question will not be eligible for burial assistance.

The number to call to verify Medicaid Status is 800-403-0864. The prompt to select when calling is #1 for Health Coverage and #8 for all other questions.

The individual on the phone will not be able to answer any questions related to the burial assistance claim itself. If further questions need answered, please call 317-234-1412 or email IndianaBurialClaims@fssa.in.gov with any questions specific to claim processing. Please refrain from using this mailbox or number to check Medicaid status.

We do hope that this process will allow for quicker response times and better service to all. If there are any issues, please report to cc@fssa.in.gov.