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Alcoholic Beverages

All forms must be filed electronically. The paper forms with instructions shown below are available so customers can visualize what is required. Please visit the Electronic Filing for Alcohol Taxpayers webpage for electronic filing information.


State Form Number


File Type

ALC-W55553Monthly Excise Tax Return for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalersfill-in pdf
Schedule ALC-W-S55552Supporting schedule to be filed with ALC-Wfill-in pdf
ALC-FW55569Monthly Excise Tax Return for Indiana-Based Farm Wineriesfill-in pdf
Schedule ALC-FW-S55554Supporting schedule to be filed with ALC-FWfill-in pdf
ALC-DWS55556Monthly Excise Tax Return for Out-of-State Direct Wine Sellersfill-in pdf
Schedule ALC-DWS-S55557Supporting schedule to be filed with ALC-DWSfill-in pdf
ALC-M55548Monthly Excise Tax Return for Indiana-Based Brewers, Distillers, Rectifiers and Vintnersfill-in pdf
Schedule ALC-M-S55551Supporting schedule to be filed with ALC-Mfill-in pdf
ALC-PS55570Monthly Report for Primary Source Suppliersfill-in pdf

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