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Three months prior to your renewal date, you will receive a renewal notice from the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) that will include mileage reporting, renewal schedule, penalty information, etc. The below items are required to renew your International Registration Plan (IRP) with DOR.

  • Schedule B: Revenue International Registration Plan
  • Form 2290: Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return
  • A copy of the processed title or application for title if ownership changed
  • A copy of the equipment lease agreement if someone other than the account holder owns the vehicle
  • US DOT Number
  • Federal Schedule 1: Any vehicle registered at 55,000 pounds or more is required to file the form. DOR will accept a stamped Schedule 1 by the IRS or an unstamped form with a copy of the front and back of the canceled check.
  • If you are not the Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety, please submit a copy of your valid Authority Lease Agreement.

You can now process renewals and transactions online, which provides 24-hour service at your fingertips so you can process, pay, and print credentials for renewals and transactions without leaving your home or office.

Supporting documents may be sent via email to or faxed to 317-615-7310.

Renewal Schedule

The renewals will be mailed 60 days prior to the payment due date. The IRP renewals must be received by the IRP Unit 30 days prior to the payment due date to allow for the preparation of the billing.

Registration Month
Processing Deadline
for IRP Renewals
IRP Payment
Due Date
Cab Card
Enforcement Date
January Nov. 15 Dec. 15 Jan. 1
February Dec. 15. Jan. 15 Feb. 1
March Jan. 15 Feb. 15 March 1
April Feb. 15 March 15 April 1
May March 15 April 15 May 1
June April 15 May 15 June 1
July May 15 June 15 July 1
August June 15 July 15 Aug. 1
September July 15 Aug. 15 Sept. 1
October Aug. 15 Sept. 15 Oct. 1
November Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Nov. 1
December Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 1

IRP Late Payment Penalty

  • A 10% past due payment penalty will apply to any IRP renewal paid after the payment due date (see schedule below).
  • The 10% penalty applies to the Indiana Apportioned renewal fees only.
  • To avoid the past due payment penalty, you can:
    • mail in your payment to 7811 Milhouse Road, Suite M, Indianapolis, IN 46241-9550 (must be postmarked on or before the due date);
    • pay online (must be made before midnight of the due date); or,
    • walk in your payment at 7811 Milhouse Road, Suite M, Indianapolis, IN 46241-9550 (must be made before 4:30 p.m. on the due date).