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IRP New Account Registration Checklist

This checklist has all items required to create an International Registration Plan (IRP) account with the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) Motor Carrier Services Division.

Please note that DOR's IRP Unit processes new accounts through the Motor Carrier Services office and not online. Processing of transactions is accessible on the DOR's web site after payment for the initial registration has posted.

Printable version of the checklist

IRP Checklist

  1. Proof of residency (Please refer to page 5 in the IRP Handbook) .
  2. Schedule FRP A.
  3. Schedule INIRP-BN or Schedule FRP B (Schedule B will be used when the carrier has had prior registration history in Indiana or any other apportioned jurisdiction in the pending new account name in which registrations will be obtained.)
  4. Schedule FRP G.
  5. Copy of a processed Indiana title or application for title. It must be in the name of the registrant. If leased, the title can be an out-of-state processed title. Motor Carrier Services can process title work. Submit title work along with completed signed-over information, ST-108, ST-108E, and Power of Attorney (Indiana BMV requires a notarized Power of Attorney), if necessary. Proof of payment of the Federal Form 2290 for the current year is required. If the vehicle(s’) purchase date is within 60 days of the date of plating, this form is not required. Motor Carrier Services accepts payments unless they are increasing a vehicle weight.
  6. Copy of the vehicle lease agreement for all leased vehicles.
  7. Copy of prior registrations for vehicle(s) registered through Indiana base plate(s) or apportioned plate(s).
  8. USDOT number.
  9. Copy of the lease agreement confirming who will carry the Registrants Authority (an intent to lease is not acceptable).
  10. Copy of the valid International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license or a copy of the lease if someone else will be responsible for the IFTA other than the registrant.
  11. Copy of the Power of Attorney if someone (other than the registrant or corporate officer) is representing the company.
  12. Proof of payment of the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fees.
  13. Proof of active federal operating authority.
  14. Complete Notice of Understanding the IRP Requirements.
  15. Municipal Wheel Tax.
  16. Secretary of State form if LLC or Corporation.

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