Tax Fraud and How to Report It

The Indiana Department of Revenue's (DOR) tax fraud program has stopped over $110 million in fraud since it's inception in 2014. Each tax year the tax fraud program detects less fraud, through a substantial fraud deterrence program. This program detects fraud before tax returns enter the financial system. This means less fraudulent refunds are processed and paid.

Tax fraud comes in several forms:

  • Inflation of state or local withholding taxes
  • Claiming credits or deductions the taxpayer was not entitled to
  • Fake Schedule C business income or loss
  • Inflation of Indiana earned income on Earned Income Tax Credits

While most taxpayers are honest and seek to pay their fair share for the services they receive from the state. There are individuals and businesses who work hard to evade paying what they are required to by law.

In the past, the department has successfully investigated tax fraud cases brought to our attention by concerned citizens. If you suspect a case of tax fraud, report it.

There are two ways to report tax fraud:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Special Investigations Unit
PO Box 6480
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6480
Fax Number: 317-233-6107

Report Tax Fraud

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