Fuel Tax - IFTA/MCFT

Generally, a business that operates commercial motor vehicles in the State of Indiana must pay a tax based upon the fuel usage for certain vehicles.

If vehicles are subject to this tax, they must be registered with the Indiana Department of Revenue's (DOR) Motor Carrier Services, have yearly compliance decals and license cards, and file quarterly tax returns.

There are two types of fuel tax requirements for vehicles depending on whether they travel intrastate (in the State of Indiana ONLY) or interstate (in more than one state, including Canada). Those that travel interstate are required to register for an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and those who travel intrastate are required to register for Motor Carrier Fuel Tax (MCFT).

For more information on the MCFT/IFTA taxes, see the below resources, call (317) 615-7345, or e-mail IndianaMotorFuel@dor.in.gov

IFTA/MCFT Online Fuel Tax System

The new online Indiana Fuel Tax System offers motor carriers the ability to manage all of their IFTA/MCFT transactions with the Motor Carrier Division online and in one place.

This system has been designed to provide motor carriers with a single source for all their fuel tax reporting in Indiana.

You can process and pay your quarterly tax returns and renewal applications without ever leaving your home or office. You also can request extra decals and complete most other transaction types with IFTA/MCFT.

IFTA - International Fuel Tax Agreement (Interstate Carriers)

MCFT - Indiana Motor Carrier Fuel Tax (Intrastate Carriers)

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