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Income Tax Information Bulletin Number Title Rev. Date
1 Fiduciary Income Tax Return  08/15
3 Payment of Indiana Estimated Tax by Individuals 06/08
6 Civil Service Annuity Adjustment and Military Retirement or Survivor's Benefit Adjustment 03/20
7 Filing Requirements for Prior Year Individual Income Tax Returns 01/03
11 Indiana Corporate Estimated Income Tax Payments 08/07
12 Corporate Income Taxes 02/20
13 Withholding of Adjusted Gross Income Tax on Retirement Pay 06/08
14 Income Tax Credit for Donations to Colleges 07/15
15 Extension of Time to File Indiana Corporation Income Tax Returns and Recognition of the Federal Extension Of Time To File Indiana Corporation Income Tax Returns 08/14
16 Use of Federal Form W-2 for Reporting Indiana State and County Taxes Withheld 01/03
17 Taxation and Filing Requirements of Not-For-Profit Organizations 03/13
18 Instructions for Obtaining Extensions of Time to File Indiana Individual Income Tax Returns 08/14
19 Government Obligations 05/12
26 General Information Concerning Filing Requirements and Specific Tax Benefits Available to the Elderly 07/15
27 Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax as Applicable to Military Personnel 11/18
28 Application of the State and Adjusted Gross Income Tax to Residents With Out-of-State Income 11/16
32 General Information on County Income Taxes 07/08
33 Withholding Requirements for Nonresident Employees 08/08
38 Renter's Deduction 05/08
39 Guidelines for Reporting Income from Indiana Sources by Nonresident Individuals 08/15
42 Indiana Income Tax Forms and Schedules 08/14
52 Withholding Information for Part-Time Employees and Other Miscellaneous Withholding Requirements 08/08
55 Determination of Residence for Individuals Leaving Indiana for Employment in a Foreign Country 09/01
59 Summary of Tax Credits Available to Taxpayers Who File Income Tax Returns 12/19
60 Indiana Taxation of Unemployment Compensation Benefits 05/12
64 Interest Rates on Assessments of Delinquent Taxes and Refunds for Overpayment of Taxes for Listed Taxes under IC 6-8.1-1-1 08/14
66 Enterprise Zones 09/19
70 Disability Income Deduction 03/11
72 S Corporation/Partnership/Fiduciary Election to File Composite Return On Behalf of Nonresident Shareholders/Partners/Beneficiaries 02/20
78 Foreign Source Dividend Deduction 01/03
79 Income Derived from Investment Funds Holding U.S. Government Obligations 01/03
86 Independent Contractors Responsibility for Income Tax Reporting and Withholding 08/09
87 Historic Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit 08/19
87A Residential Historic Rehabilitation Credit 07/14
88 Taxation of Non-Resident Professional Athletes 12/19
88A Taxation of Nonresident Professional Athlete Team Members and Entertainers 12/19
88B Income Tax Liability and Withholding for Race Teams 12/19
92 Individual Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Procedures 05/12
95 Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit 08/16
97 Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit 07/13
98 Indiana College Choice 529 Education Savings Plan 05/20
99 Coal Gasification Technology Investment Tax Credit 09/09
103 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Manufacturer Tax Credit 05/12
104 Qualified Patents Income Exemption 07/07
107 Unreimbursed Education Expenses Deduction 09/11
108 Income Tax Credit for Contributions to a Scholarship-granting Organization 06/17
109 Income Tax Credit for Natural Gas-powered Vehicles 07/15
110 Automatic Taxpayer Refund Credit 08/14
111 Income Tax Credit for Eligible Adoptions 03/15
112 Income Tax Credit for Property Tax Paid by a For Profit Hospital 03/18
113 Deduction for a Contribution to a Regional Development Authority Infrastructure Fund 09/19
115 Comptroller of Maryland v. Wynne and Indiana Department of Revenue Treatment of Claims Based on That Case 11/17
116 Income Tax Provisions under HEA 1316-2018(ss) 07/18
117 Personal Exemptions and Special Rules 02/19
118 Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Expensing Treatment for Indiana Income Tax Purposes (Replaces Commissioner's Directive #19) 04/20

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