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Status of Ground Water Levels

The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has collected ground-water data in Indiana since 1935. Today, the state observation well network consists of 35 wells located throughout the state (See groundwater network site ). Nine of these observation wells have been selected for monitoring, one in each climate division, to represent the general ground water condition throughout the state.

Data from all 35 observation wells are collected in the field periodically by USGS personnel, checked for accuracy, and entered into a computerized database. The data are then downloaded by DNR, Division of Water, graphed and analyzed. The USGS publishes selected portions of the data in the annual Water Resources Data (WRD).

Selected observation well information and ground-water quality data may be obtained on the National Water Information System (NWISWeb) U.S. Geological Survey web site, including real-time data for 20 observation wells in Indiana.


Climatic DivisionMonitoring WellAquifer TypeWell Depth (ft)Casing Depth (ft)Hydrologic Condition
1 (NW) LaPorte 9 Sand 32 27 Water Table
2 (NC) Fulton 7 Sand & gravel 102 96 Artesian
3 (NW) LaGrange 2 Sand & gravel 86 80 Water Table
4 (WC) Vigo 7 Sand & gravel 70 67 Water Table
5 (C) Morgan 4 Sand & gravel 64 60 Water Table
6 (EC) Randolph 3 Silurian limestone 54 33 Artesian
7 (SW) Posey 3 Sand & gravel 58 54 Artesian
8 (SC) Harrison 8 Mississippian limestone 93 54 Artesian
9 (SE) Clark 20 Sand & gravel 100 80 Artesian


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