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Significant Water Withdrawal Facility Registration

With the enactment of Indiana Code 14-25-7 (Water Resource Management Act) by the 1983 Indiana General Assembly, the Natural Resources Commission is required to "take and maintain an inventory of significant uses of water withdrawn from the surface or ground". Section 15 of the act requires that every person who owns a significant water withdrawal facility (SWWF) shall register it on forms provided by the commission within three (3) months after the facility is completed. A "significant water withdrawal facility" is defined in the act to mean "the water withdrawal facilities of a person that, in the aggregate from all sources and by all methods, has the capability of withdrawing more than one hundred thousand (100,000) gallons of ground water, surface water, or ground and surface water combined in one (1) day". The owner of a SWWF must also report annual water use within three (3) months after the end of each calendar year. Approved methods of measuring the amount of water withdrawn by a SWWF are specified in the Nonrule Policy Document Information Bulletin #40. Water withdrawals from temporary construction dewatering, operations must also be reported in accordance with IC 14-25-7.

Additional information regarding the administration of the SWWF program is available in the Nonrule Policy Document Information Bulletin #29 "Registration of Significant Water Withdrawal Facilities."

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Report Water Use

The Water Rights and Use Section of the Division of Water will answer any questions concerning the SWWF registration program. Contact the Section at (317) 232-4160 or toll free at 1-877-928-3755.


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