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FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Review Partner

In 2019, FEMA opened the LOMR Review Partners Program to new partners. The DNR Division of Water has wanted to review LOMRs since it first became a Cooperating Technical Partner in 2004. The organization and experience of the DNR in floodplain management and regulatory programs allows us to effectively manage the LOMR process, resulting in process improvements and ultimately a stronger floodplain management program. LOMA and LOMR-F will continue to be reviewed by FEMA’s contractor.

MT-2 submissions for the State of Indiana will be accepted at:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Water
402 W. Washington Street, Rm W264
Indianapolis, IN 46204

or online at:

The following links provide additional information on the LOMR process and links to available resources.

LOMR Applications Forms

FEMA forms needed for LOMR submittals

FEMA Change Your Flood Zone Designation

More information from FEMA on LOMRs and LOMAs

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

View and download official FEMA floodplain mapping products, including Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Flood Insurance Studies, Letters of Map Change (LOMA, LOMR-F, LOMR) FIRM database information, and preliminary and historic mapping products.

Indiana Floodplain Information Portal

Launch INFIP, an interactive floodplain mapping tool that includes address searching and eFARA, which is the DNR Division of Water’s online floodplain analysis submittal tools. INFIP also now includes the “Indiana Best Available Floodplain Layer”, which shows current floodplain mapping information.

Indiana Flood Insurance Homepage

More information on flood insurance regarding flood insurance in Indiana

Indiana Floodplain Mapping Resources

Technical information on floodplain modeling and mapping in Indiana.


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