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Division of Water Online Research Center (DoWORC)

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  • Current: Division of Water Online Research Center (DoWORC)

The DNR Division of Water’s new web-based mapping service provides to the public an interactive map to locate and view data from records associated with programs administered by the Division of Water.

The service also offers maps for viewing flood hazards, Hoggatt Drainage Areas, watershed areas, aerial images by year, stream gauge data, local floodplain administrator contact information and DNR Law Enforcement districts. The app also provides tools for viewing features, getting coordinates, drawing graphics, creating a buffer, exporting records to a CSV file, and exporting the map to a PDF or image file.

The DNR developed DoWORC to allow the public to easily locate information from the Division of Water records, including permit applications, floodplain information requests (FARA), early coordination records, dam records, violation and compliance records, and other regulatory correspondence. DoWORC uses Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates to display a data point on the map that references the location of the record. With a click of the mouse on a data point, DoWORC will retrieve and display information from that record, such as file number, waterbody, project or request description, base flood elevation, discharge values, drainage area values, dam data, permit action and mailed date.

The DNR recommends first time users read the Help Document pages.

Select the image below to open the map.

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