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This application is provided for easy access to the Water Well Record Database, which is maintained by the Water Rights and Use Section of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water.

There are several search options available to suit different user needs. It is recommended, however, that the user determine the most efficient search criteria before browsing the database. The most efficient search criteria usually involves determining the smallest geographic area in which the desired records occur. For most users this will be the Congressional Land Survey System using township, range, and section as criteria.

All users are able to search the database free of charge. Users can search for specific well records as well as large blocks of records. Individual records can be printed to the user's own equipment at no charge. Users who wish to download records in digital form may either subscribe to accessIndiana's premium services or use Instant Access to pay by credit card. There is a five-cent per record fee for either option plus an additional service fee for Instant Access. Please visit access Indiana's Subscriber Information page for more information.


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