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Next Level Trails Grantee Information

As a Grantee, you will find important information about next steps in the grant process and resources to support your project through completion on this page. Please review the Grantee Handbook , a comprehensive document about the Next Level Trails grant process, as an initial step to provide guidance as your project is developed.

Timeline of Activities Once Notified of Award

State Grant Agreement: DNR staff will work with the grantee to complete a State Grant Agreement. Funds will be provided upfront based on project specific milestones detailed in the State Grant Agreement, which may include design and engineering, land acquisition, and construction. Grantee is responsible for submitting documentation for their match and all grant funds spent on eligible costs to the DNR for oversight.

Program Documents

Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat. Some links in documents may not work in certain web browsers.

Grantee Documents
Doing Business with the State of Indiana
Land Acquisition Documents
Expenditure Reconciliation and Billing Documents

If you have questions, please first review the above program documents or FAQs. If you cannot find your answer, please email your assigned DNR grant coordinator.

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