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Next Level Trails

Next Level Trails
NEXT LEVEL TRAILS ROUND 4: Governor Holcomb announced the Round 4 awards on December. 20, 2023. See our Round 4 Awards page for more information.

Next Level Trails has invested $180 million – the largest infusion of State trail funding in Indiana history – toward the development of regionally and locally significant trails throughout Indiana. As part of Governor Holcomb’s broader Next Level Connections infrastructure program, Next Level Trails (NLT) is designed to incentivize collaborative efforts to accelerate trail connections. The Department of Natural Resources will administer the program.

Overview of Grant Program

Grant Amounts

  Regionally Significant Projects Locally Significant Projects
Grant Round 1 $19,844,839 awarded $5,067,881 awarded
Grant Round 2 $24,466,862 awarded $5,095,045 awarded
Grant Round 3 $44,359,627 awarded $21,392,832 awarded
Grant Round 4 $23,504,836 awarded $7,733,169 awarded
Minimum Request $250,000 per applicant $200,000 per applicant
Maximum Request $5 million per applicant $2 million per applicant

Eligible Applicants: Local units of government or 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. One application per applicant per round. If awarded, the applicant will enter into a State Grant Agreement and must take responsibility for all aspects of the project through completion. Applicants acting in a fiscal pass-through capacity only are not eligible. Additionally, the applicant must fulfill at least one of the following roles:

  • Own (or acquire) the trail corridor
  • Manage and maintain the trail once developed
  • Oversee and manage trail construction through completion

Eligible Projects: All non-motorized trail types are eligible, but consideration will be given to multi-use trail types. All surface types are eligible and should meet contextual needs. All trails must be open to the public.

Eligible Costs: Trail construction (including upgrading surface type), land acquisition, design and engineering, and basic trail amenities. All eligible costs must occur within the contract period.

Match Requirement: All grant requests require a minimum 20% match. Consideration will be given to projects exceeding 20%.

Eligible Match: Monetary contributions, land value, and in-kind donations of materials and labor.

Project Evaluation: Eligible projects will be evaluated by the Next Level Trails rating committee staffed by multiple State agencies. Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

Preference given to:

  • Projects that connect multiple cities, towns, or counties.
  • Projects that further the completion of the State Visionary Trail System (regionally significant projects only).
  • Projects that connect schools, parks, neighborhoods, commercial centers, or local attractions (locally significant projects only).
  • Projects that connect or extend existing trails.
  • Projects that maximize partnerships.

Consideration given to:

  • Projects offered in collaboration with another Next Level Trails applicant.
  • Projects that are part of a national or multi-state trail system (regionally significant projects only).
  • Projects that connect trail users to nature (locally significant projects only).
  • Projects in townships considered deficient in trail miles per capita (locally significant projects only).
  • Projects that provide access to a population not currently within a 5-mile radius of a trail.
  • Projects that develop the most miles of trail.
  • Projects that accommodate multiple types of trail uses.
  • Statewide distribution of NLT funds.
  • Projects that exceed the minimum 20% match requirement.
  • Projects that are part of an existing regional, local, or comprehensive plan.
  • Projects on an accelerated timeline.

Project Timeline: All projects are expected to be completed within four years, but those on an accelerated timeline are viewed favorably.

Have questions? Check our FAQ page.

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