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Indiana Coal by the Numbers

Indiana Coal by the Numbers

Indiana annually is among the top ten coal producing states in the nation averaging 32,000,000 to 35,000,000 tons each year (Energy Information Administration (EIA)). Most is produced by 12-15 companies from approximately 24 active operations in ten southwestern Indiana counties (Indiana Coal Council ). The Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research (CCTR) at Purdue University, and Indiana Workforce Development- Hoosiers by the Numbers estimates the State mining industry supports more than 2,500 jobs adding $750+ million to the Indiana economy. Recent history has seen Indiana dominated by surface mines, but more recently underground mines have increased significantly. Post-mining land uses range from rowcrop, forest, fish and wildlife and water, to industrial and home development and roadways. Indiana reclamation of both active operations, and restoration of abandoned areas have earned numerous awards (OSM - Annual Evaluation Reports for States and Tribes  For more information on the presence, size and influence of mining in Indiana, you are invited to review information from these additional resources:

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