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Invasive Carp

Species: Black Carp, Bighead Carp, Silver Carp, and Grass Carp
Life Span: 5-16+ years
Diet: Organic debris, insects and small invertebrates

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Lepomis machrochirus

Lifespan: Usually 4-6 yrs
Diet: Insects, snails, small crayfish, other fish and fish eggs
Reproduction: A four year old female produces about 20,000 eggs.

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Channel Catfish

Ictalurus punctatus

Lifespan: Up to 8 years.

Diet: Snails, algae, snakes, frogs, insects, and aquatic plants.

Reproduction: Nests are made in a hole in a bank or hollow of a submerged tree, and the male will guard the nest until the eggs hatch.

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Fish Facts

Find out all the information about fish.

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Identify Indiana Sportfish

Do you know one Indiana fish from another?

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