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National & State Registers Applications

National & State Registers Applications

Prior to filling out the National or State Register form, you must determine if the property is eligible. Visit the Eligibility page to learn more about that process in order to save time and resources.

National Register Application Forms & Instructions

Application Forms

National Register Bulletins

Upon submitting the National Register Application Form and Nomination Checklist, it will undergo technical and substantive reviews by DHPA staff to ensure it is complete and meets National Register criteria. Once accepted by the DHPA staff, the application is presented to the Indiana Historic Preservation Review Board for their approval at one of their quarterly meetings. Owners and interested parties will be notified of the date, time, and location of the meeting. If the Review Board “nominates” the property, the application is then forwarded to the National Register  for their review. The DHPA will notify you if/when your property has been listed.

If a property owner, local government, or nomination sponsor intends to hire a preservation professional to prepare an application, the DHPA maintains a Qualified Professionals roster, which includes contact information for professionals who meet the appropriate Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards. Inclusion on this roster does not constitute an endorsement by the DHPA or DNR, neither does this roster guarantee that an individual has specific project experience needed.

Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures (State Register)

All National Register properties are automatically listed in the State Register since the Criteria for listing properties in the State Register are the same as those for listing in the National Register. An individual intending to nominate a property to the State Register only should compete the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures Nomination and submit it along with photographs, a site plan, and floor plans to DHPA. The applicant, if not the property owner, should make the owner aware of the pending nomination.

Application Form

If DHPA staff determines that the property meets the criteria for listing, DHPA will issue notification letters to the owner(s) and local officials to provide an opportunity for comment. If no objection to the listing is received, the property will be listed in the State Register 30 days from the date of the notification letters. DHPA will then issue a letter and certificate to the property owner confirming the listing.

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