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Draper Cabin and Cherry Lake Lodge


Draper cabinStaying in this cabin is a unique experience. On no other state forest property can one rent an old log cabin and digress back in time 130 years to an age when electricity was not available. If you are expecting modern facilities, you might want to consider Cherry Lake Lodge; but if you want a rustic experience in the middle of the forest, Draper Cabin can deliver. You’ll find the basics here—a roof over your head and a floor under your feet, an outdoor vault toilet, and a fireplace for warmth and cooking. (Firewood may be gathered from dead wood found in the forest.) No beds, no furniture, no running water, no towels or linen; but a dry place to spend the night in a quiet, remote setting.


Cherry Lake LodgeIf you are looking for a lodging experience that gets you out in the woods but doesn’t feel like you’ve abandoned all the comforts of home, this lodge just might be the place you’ll want to go. Nestled deep in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, you’ll feel the solitude you seek, while still having a comfortable bed in which to sleep, hot and cold running water, indoor restroom and shower, and full kitchen facilities. Recently renovated, this lodge is everything you’d expect in a woodland retreat, at a very affordable rental rate. It’s a place where the whole family can explore the woods all day, and relax to a warm fire at night.


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