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Community & Urban Forestry IRA Grants

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Grant

Indiana DNR Division of Forestry, Community & Urban Forestry has $1.8 million in grant funds available through the USDA Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry Program through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Grant Projects

  • Tree Inventory or Urban Tree Canopy Assessment
  • Management/Response Plan
  • Education/Training
  • New Tree Planting
  • Community Education/Awareness Events
  • Other activities (See application instructions)

Eligible Applicants: Local units of government or 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. If awarded, the applicant will enter into a State Grant Agreement and must take responsibility for all aspects of the project through completion.

Eligible Projects: Only projects where on the ground work takes place in defined areas of disadvantaged/underserved or “under-canopied” as determined by the Climate & Economic Justice Screening Tool are eligible for this grant. However, the entire community does NOT have to be identified as disadvantaged or underserved.  Inventories, management plans, or community-wide education grants for a community that has a mix of both disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged areas must be paired with on the ground work in the disadvantaged census tracts.

Match Requirement: There is no match required for this grant opportunity.

Project Evaluation: Eligible projects will be evaluated by a panel of urban forestry professionals, urban foresters, and tree-planting not-for-profit members. Applications will be evaluated based on how well they meet the criteria outlined in the Community & Urban Forestry Assistance Grant Application Instructions. All applications are then ranked after they have been evaluated. The projects, in order from highest to lowest rank, will be allocated funding.

Project Timeline: Application deadline is 12/22/2023. Awards will be announced by 2/1/2024. Projects will conclude by 12/31/2026.

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