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Indiana Forest Industry Overview

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The Indiana forest products industry is the sixth largest manufacturing industry in the state, supporting 70,000 jobs — 44,000 in primary and secondary manufacturing and 26,000 in ancillary sectors. Forest-based manufacturing provides an annual economic impact of more than $10 billion. It ranks first nationwide in the production of wood office furniture, wood kitchen cabinets, and hardwood veneer, along with several other products. As small family-owned businesses, wood products companies average less than 50 employees and play an important role in rural communities.

The wood-using industry utilizes one of Indiana's most valuable renewable natural resources-timber. Proper management of Indiana's timber resource will help guarantee primary wood-using firms a supply of quality wood fiber. These sawmills and veneer plants, in turn, provide top-quality materials for the secondary industries to produce paneling, fine furniture, cabinets, and similar finished products.

Developed by the Purdue Center for Regional Development using information from Hoover’s database, this is an interactive map of nearly 4,500 businesses in the hardwoods and forest products sectors. Establishments are shown as dots of varying sizes scaled to the number of jobs in the business. The usual mapping features of zoom-in, zoom-out, linear distance measurement, and exporting into various image types are available. A click on any dot (i.e., business establishment) produces a pop-up feature with various details about the establishment, including name, physical and web address, line of business, industry type, and more.

For more information about Indiana’s hardwoods industry please contact:

Indiana DNR-Forestry
Utilization & Marketing Specialist
Forest Resources Information
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
402 W. Washington Street, Room W296
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739

Email: forestryinfo@dnr.IN.gov

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