Forest Action Plan

Purpose of the Statewide Forest Assessment & Strategy

This statewide planning effort involves all of Indiana’s forest stakeholders, natural resource partners, land stewards and conservationists.

The process has developed a landscape scale assessment and strategy that spans all of Indiana’s forest ownerships. Indiana currently has 5.1 million acres of forestland, 85% of which are privately owned. The remaining 15% are under public ownership and include county, city, and state-owned land as well as urban forests.

The Statewide Forest Resource Assessment identifies key forest-related issues and priorities to support a long-term Resource Strategy specific to Indiana’s forest needs. The assessment identifies landscape areas where national, regional, and state resource issues and priorities converge. It incorporates the best data available, stakeholder input, and other state assessments, plans, and priorities. The assessment is a valuable document for communicating forest-related issues, threats, and opportunities in the State of Indiana. A link to the Statewide Forest Assessment can be found below.

The Statewide Forest Resource Strategy builds upon the assessment and includes long-term strategies to address threats to forest resources in Indiana. It contains the prioritized strategies and action steps that the Division of Forestry, partners, land stewards and conservationists can implement to reduce forest fragmentation and conversion, conserve soil and water resources, control invasive species spread and maintain biological diversity in Indiana’s forests.  The Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee serves as the leadership body responsible for the strategy's implementation.

Indiana's strategic target forest patches

Illustration: Indiana's strategic target forest patches

For more information about the Statewide Forest Assessment & Strategy, please email: or call (317) 232-4105.