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Forest Action Plan

2020 Statewide Forest Assessment & Strategy Update

The Indiana Forest Action Plan is a 10-year strategic plan and assessment for the Indiana forest conservation community, our natural resource partners, land stewards and conservationists. It encompasses all of Indiana’s approximately 5 million acres of statewide forest ownerships, including public and private, rural and urban. Its purpose is to identify shared goals and priorities that enable the leveraging of scarce funding toward impactful, landscape-scale forest conservation and desired future conditions.

The Forest Action Plan provides an analysis of forest conditions and trends, identifies strategies to ensure healthy trees and forests into the future, and delineates priority forest landscape areas. It offers long-term strategies to address threats to forest resources in the state, consistent with national priorities and meeting federal requirements. 

The 2020 Forest Action Plan is being developed by the Indiana Division of Forestry, which is coordinating with the Indiana Forest Stewardship Advisory Council, State Technical Committee, DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife, Hoosier National Forest and other partners.

Tentative timeline

  • April-July 2019: Solicit input from partners
  • August-October 2019: Compile draft
  • November-December 2019: DNR internal review
  • January-March: Draft release and public comment review period
  • February: Indiana Forest Stewardship Advisory Council meeting
  • March-May 2020: Incorporate public feedback and comment into final draft
  • September 2020: Final draft release


Please check back at this webpage for continued updates and opportunities for involvement. Members of the Indiana Forest Stewardship Advisory Council, and existing and new partners are welcome to submit input and comment at any time via email to ForestActionPlan@dnr.IN.gov.

For more information about the Forest Action Plan or to be included in updates about this topic, please email: ForestActionPlan@dnr.IN.gov or call 317-232-4105.

Page updated Sept. 28, 2020