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Indiana Record Fish Program

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Blas Lara holds the state-record yellow perch he caught, April 21, 2024 on Lake Michigan.

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The Indiana Record Fish program recognizes two categories of award winners:

If you think you have caught a new State Record Fish, please follow the rules below for submitting your entry. The weight of the fish is required for state record fish entries. If your fish is not a new state record, submit it for Fish of the Year and you may just win. Length of the fish is required for fish-of-the-year entries and there can be a winner for each species category that the division recognizes. Winners receive a certificate and a colorful jacket patch. Entry forms and pictures will not be returned to the angler.

For help with identifying your fish, use this form.

Rules & Entry Forms

  • General Rules
    • Fish must be taken legally by hook and line from Indiana waters. Fish taken from the main stem of the Ohio River between Kentucky and Indiana, or from the Wabash River between Illinois and Indiana will be considered for Indiana’s Record Fish Program, provided the angler possessed an Indiana fishing license at the time of the catch.
    • A photocopy of the angler’s license must accompany an entry if a license was required to catch fish from that body of water.
    • Fish taken from water on artificial feeding programs are not eligible.
    • A good-quality, side-view photograph of the fish must accompany each entry. Blue catfish must be photographed from the side against a light background. For State Record Fish entries, applicants may wish to consider hiring a photographer.
    • Anyone can enter and multiple entries are accepted. Fish must be caught in public or private fishing waters where there is no fee for the fish taken.
    • Complete the entry form below along with the following:
      • Copy of Fishing License
      • Scale Inspection Report for all State Record Fish entries only
      • Photo(s) (side view is best)
  • Fish of the Year Rules & Form
    • Entry must be submitted online or emailed by Dec. 31 of the calendar year the fish was caught.
    • Size is determined by a total length measurement, or fork length for shovelnose sturgeon. No weight measurement is required for Fish of the Year.
    • Provide a good quality photograph(s) of the fish (full sideview on measuring board or next to measuring tape) clearly showing the measurement as described above.
    • Optional: Provide an additional photo of the angler with their fish for annual winner summary
    • Provide a copy of the angler’s fishing license, if required.
    • Fish of the Year entries may be submitted online, or emailed with this form to

    Submit a Fish of the Year

  • State Record Fish Rules & Form
    • Entry must be postmarked or submitted online or emailed by Dec. 31 of the calendar year the fish was caught.
    • For state record fish, size is determined by weight measurement first, then length. Both weight and length measurements are required. The weight measurement must be taken before the fish is frozen and on a scale that has been certified by the State of Indiana to be accurate to 1 ounce. Each District Fisheries office has a certified scale. Please call ahead to make an appointment with a biologist to have your fish weighed. You can also have your fish weighed at some grocery, hardware, grain stores, or propane distributors. To find certified scales near you, call the Indiana Division of Weights and Measures at (317) 356-7078.
    • Obtain a copy of the Scale Inspection Report from the store owner where the fish is weighed and submit the report with the entry form.
    • Submit a printed meat packaging label showing the weight of the fish, if available
    • After weighing, the fish may be gutted and iced, but not filleted or otherwise cut up. The fish must be available for inspection and identification.
    • State record fish entries may require verification by a Division of Fish & Wildlife fisheries biologist. It is the responsibility of the angler to schedule a time to have the fish examined by a state fisheries biologist.
    • Two witnesses, who are not relatives, who observed the length and/or weight measurement must sign the entry form.
    • Provide the location information on where the fish was weighed.
    • Provide side-view photograph(s) of the fish and copy of fishing license, if required.
    • State Record Fish entries may be submitted online, printing and mailing this form, or emailing

    Submit a State Record

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