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Get ShakIN'

Get ShakIN' Contest Results

The 2023 Get ShakIN' video contest was open to Indiana schoolchildren (K–12) who submitted student-produced videos focusing on earthquake preparedness and/or safety. A panel of judges from IDHS selected the overall winning video to receive the grand prize: an "Indiana Earthquake Day" event!

Overall Winner
  • AP Biology Class from Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School (Cass County)
Honorable Mentions
  • Shenandoah Middle School (Henry County)
  • Kankakee Valley Intermediate School (Jasper County)

The Get ShakIN' video contest is part of ongoing efforts to prioritize safety and preparedness in the state. IDHS encourages other schools to utilize to actively participate in initiatives that contribute to a safer and more resilient future for Hoosiers.

2023 Video Contest Winning Entry

AP Biology Class, Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School (Cass County)

Earthquake Safety

About 2,000 tremors occur on a daily basis in the central United States, underscoring the need for all Hoosiers to know earthquake safety and how they can be prepared for quakes.

During an earthquake, you should:

  • Drop where you are, onto your hands and knees
  • Cover your head and neck with one arm and hand, while crawling for shelter under a nearby table or desk (sturdy piece of furniture)
  • Hold On to the shelter with the free hand until the earthquake stops
Drop, Cover, Hold On graphics
Additional Tips
  • If outside during an earthquake, stay outside and move away from power lines, tall buildings, rocky areas or other structures or locations that could collapse.
  • If in a vehicle during an earthquake, drive slowly to a location away from buildings, bridges and utility wires.

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