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Get ShakIN'

2023 Video Contest Entry Period Closed

The entry period for the 2023 Get ShakIN' video contest is now closed. It was open February–October 2023. Thank you to all the schools and groups who submitted entries.

A panel of judges from IDHS will select an overall winning video for the grand prize: an “Indiana Earthquake Day” event, including a visit by the Quake Cottage simulator.

Submit questions about the campaign or contest to IDHS at

Earthquake Preparedness

Get ShakIN'

Get ShakIN' is a public awareness campaign by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to inform Hoosiers about the risk earthquakes pose in Indiana and to help them be prepared. With two seismic zones in the region, both with the potential to produce major quakes, Hoosiers need to Get ShakIN' when it comes to earthquake preparedness. More information on earthquake safety is available on the Earthquakes page on

Video Contest
February–October 2023

The Get ShakIN' video contest gives Hoosier schoolchildren (K–12) the chance to win their school class or group an "Indiana Earthquake Day" event! Groups can enter by submitting a student-produced video focused on earthquake preparedness and/or safety. A panel of judges from IDHS will select an overall winning video for the grand prize: an "Indiana Earthquake Day" event, including a visit by the Quake Cottage simulator (if available).

Indiana Earthquake Day Event Details
  • Event hosted by IDHS at winner's school or Indiana Government Center (home of State Emergency Operations Center) in Downtown Indianapolis
  • Experts in emergency management and earthquake safety to share preparedness information
  • Educational and fun giveaway items
  • Experience of the Quake Cottage earthquake simulator
  • Demonstrations and student-participation activities
  • Photos with IDHS leadership
  • Winning video to be featured on IDHS website and social media channels
  • Press release to announce winner and notify winner's local news media

The 2023 contest is now closed. A panel of judges from IDHS will select an overall winning video. See the contest rules below, as well as earthquake safety information, resources and examples of past Get ShakIN' videos.

Contest Rules

Eligibility: Classes or groups of students in grades K–12 (public, charter and private schools that are eligible for federal funding)

How to Enter: Create an earthquake safety video, upload it to YouTube and complete the entry form.

Winner Selection: All video entries will be watched by a panel from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The panel will select the winner based on following the rules, quality of safety information provided and creativity. The winning prize will be an "Indiana Earthquake Day" event.


  • Video must focus on earthquake safety and/or preparedness, including a minimum of three different tips.
  • Video must feature students and primarily be produced by them (adults may help with production).
  • Video must be at least 90 seconds long (maximum three minutes).
  • Video must be made publicly available online.
  • Anyone under age 18 must have permission to appear in the video and promotional photos/videos related to the contest.
  • One entry per class or group, but more than one entry per school is allowed.
  • Be creative!

Download rules Enter contest

Earthquake Safety

About 2,000 tremors occur on a daily basis in the central United States, underscoring the need for all Hoosiers to know earthquake safety and how they can be prepared for quakes.

The Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) designates February as Earthquake Awareness Month and organizes the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut on the third Thursday in October every year. For the 2023 ShakeOut, Hoosiers are encouraged to practice their earthquake safety plans on Oct. 19 with a region-wide earthquake drill occurring at 10:19 a.m. local time. At that time, Hoosiers should stop what they are doing and ...

  • Drop where they are, onto their hands and knees
  • Cover their head and neck with one arm and hand, while crawling for shelter under a nearby table or desk (sturdy piece of furniture)
  • Hold On to the shelter with the free hand until the earthquake stops

Drop, Cover, Hold On graphics

Additional Tips
  • If outside during an earthquake, stay outside and move away from power lines, tall buildings, rocky areas or other structures or locations that could collapse.
  • If in a vehicle during an earthquake, drive slowly to a location away from buildings, bridges and utility wires.

Find more earthquake safety tips


Submit questions about the campaign or contest to IDHS at