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Nature Safety

Natural hazards cannot be prevented, but how Hoosiers prepare for them can make a big difference in preserving property and protecting lives when dangerous weather or unsafe conditions occur.

  • Severe Weather
    Large tornado in countryside

    Thunderstorms happen year-round and can cause damage with high winds and heavy rains. Get prepared for storms, tornadoes and flooding by following proper safety steps.

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  • Lightning
    Lightning strikes near windfarm

    Lightning accompanies many storms, and knowing what to do when lightning enters the area can save life and property.

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  • Extreme Heat
    Woman tending to overheated older woman

    Indiana summers can be hot and humid, and overexposure to these conditions can be hazardous. Learn about heat watches and warnings, the signs of heat illnesses and safety tips.

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  • Dry Weather
    Cigarette starting fire in dry leaves

    Long periods of dry weather, including droughts, can cause many issues, ranging from poor crop yields to restrictions on personal water use. These conditions increase the potential for fires, and Hoosiers should stay aware and practice safety precautions to keep their communities safe.

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  • Winter Weather
    Vehicles in heavy snow

    The cold weather months can be challenging with winter storms and extremely cold temperatures common in Indiana. Know what to do to stay safe and warm all year round with winter safety tips.

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  • Earthquakes
    Woman under table during earthquake

    Although earthquakes are not frequent in Indiana, the state does experience them with some regularity. Increase your awareness of what to do before, during and after earthquakes.

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  • Low-Head Dams
    Man casting net over low-head dam

    Low-head dams may not appear dangerous, but the power of rushing water over these man-made structures can be deadly. Escaping the waters near a low-head dam is nearly impossible, and so Hoosiers should learn how to recognize these dams and how to stay safe around them.

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