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Temporary Actions Taken by the Depository Division: Effective April 1, 2020


Temporary Branch Closing Procedures - The Department is suspending, for the next 60 days, the prior notice requirements for temporary branch office closures in excess of 48 hours.  Financial institutions will not be required to give prior notice to the DFI Director for the closing of any branch office; however, the Director does request notification within a reasonable time after the branch office closure.  That notification can continue to be directed to the Depository Analyst or the division Deputy Director.  A financial institution must continue to prior notify the Director if it plans to close all branch offices or the financial institution’s main office.


Audit Submission Requirements - The Department extends the timing of the audit submission requirement for banks and corporate fiduciaries outlined in DFI Policy Statement 001-04 for an additional 60 days and the completion of an audit for credit unions, outlined in 28-7-1-18, by 60 days. 


Annual Meetings – Indiana code directs corporate bylaws to designate the time and manner of the annual membership/shareholder meeting.  Given the concern around gatherings, and Executive Order 20-08 issued by Governor Holcomb limiting gathering and travel outside of the home except for essential services, the Department does not object to a temporary change in the corporate bylaws to alter the manner in which meetings are conducted.  Financial institutions must still ensure proper notice is provided and all members/shareholders are given sufficient ability to participate in the meeting in whatever manners are designated.  An ability to vote in the event a member/shareholder cannot attend the meeting shall also still be provided.


Corporate Fiduciary Call Report Submission- The Deparment extends the timing of the March 31, 2020 Indiana DFI Corporate Fiduciary Call Report submission requirement by 60 days.



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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at 317-232-3955.  We are available to offer regulatory assistance to all state-chartered financial institutions affected by COVID-19 related concerns. We stand ready to assist as we are able, and appreciate your interest in maintaining employee health while continuing to serve Indiana.