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Community Partners for Child Safety

The purpose of Community Partners for Child Safety (CPCS) is to provide a secondary child abuse prevention service that can be delivered in every region in the state. This service will build community resources in order to have a collaborative prevention network throughout each region. The service will be for those families that are identified through self-referral or other community agency referral.

The service will provide home based case management services to connect families to resources to strengthen the family and prevent child abuse and neglect. Community resources include, but are not limited to: schools, social services agencies, health care providers, public health, hospitals, child care providers, community mental health agencies, local DCS offices, child abuse prevention agencies like Healthy Families and local Prevent Child Abuse Councils, Youth Services Bureaus, Child Advocacy Centers, faith-based community, and Twelve Step Programs. In general, each community defines its own resources.

Eligibility: Who is eligible to participate in CPCS services?

  1. Families who do not have an open DCS or Juvenile Probation case.
    1. If a family has a youth with an open Juvenile Probation case and the youth is in an out of home placement, the family may receive services as long as they have other children living in the home.
  2. Families who do not meet the criteria for participation in the Healthy Families program.
    1. If Healthy Families is at capacity, a referral to CPCS can be made, but no family can receive services from Healthy Families and CPCS at the same time.
  3. Families that have been referred by a community resource or self-referred due to a determination that with timely, effective and appropriate services family functioning can be improved and child abuse and neglect can be prevented.


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