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Stories of DCS

Show of Support: The Shook Family Story

Tim and Talisha Shook had slightly different outlooks. Talisha felt the calling to be a foster parent. Tim wondered if maybe it was just a phase.

A few years later, Tim knows for sure. The Shook family has grown exponentially, with five foster children in the home. It's chaos, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Read their story here.

Coming Home: The Crutcher-Smith Family Story

Morgan and Ashley Crutcher-Smith knew they wanted a family, and a big one at that. They settled on four, and became licensed as foster parents to start moving toward their goal.

Today, a family of two is now a family of seven, with multiple adoption days coming up. Read their family story here.

Advocating Change: DCS partners with Birth Parent Advisory Board

Formed about a year ago, the Birth Parent Advisory Board has an important message for other parents out there - you can be heard. The board, consisting of birth parents and DCS employees, is nearing launch of its website and is looking to expand. Learn more about it here.

Chosen Family: The Thornton Family Story

Rebecca will never forget the first time she met Winter, then a 15-year-old in foster care. Winter won't forget it, either. The two bonded immediately, and while it took a year before they'd see each other again, they are finally about to become family. Winter is one of just six kids in the Thornton home now, and she and her soon-to-be-brother, Ian, are nearing adoption day! Read the story of their family here.

The Gift of Hope: The Blackburn Family Story

Luanne and Michael Blackburn couldn't bear the thought of a teenager aging out of the foster care system and having nowhere to call home and nowhere to go for the holidays. For Brandon, all he wanted was to finally find a home. He hadn't had one in so long. It was a perfect match, and now Brandon is officially a part of the Blackburn family. Read their inspiring story here.

Make sure to listen to our podcast below, too!

More to Give: The Bowers Family Story

Matt and Dawn Bowers knew they didn't want Jaeden to be an only child. They applied to be foster parents in 2014, with open hearts and open minds to what the future might hold. Family dinners look a lot different for the Bowers family today, as what once was a family of three is a family of six. Read their incredible story about fostering and adopting here.

Building a Bond: The Williams Family Story

Sharvonne Williams was only 13 years old when she suddenly became an older sister. She wasn't particularly close to her brother, Joseph, when he was growing up. But they sure are close now, thanks to a big decision Sharvonne made when she was in college - to become Joseph's legal guardian. Read more about their story below and don't miss our podcast below!

Part 1: "She's not going to be able to keep up"

Part 2: "My fear is that he would go down the wrong path"

Part 3: "We both had to learn"

Part 4: "An opportunity to see another way of life"

Milestone Moment: 22 high school seniors honored in special ceremony

This wasn't the way their high school experiences were supposed to end. For 22 high school seniors who have been in the foster care system, the annual Project Open House was supposed to be a big celebration, complete with friends, family and peers. The pandemic changed those plans, but DCS, Cargo Services Inc. and the Indianapolis Colts weren't about to let those kids down. Read about the special virtual ceremony below.

"You guys will be the ones that we remember"

Finding Her Voice: The Legend West Story

When she was just 16, Legend West and her siblings were taken from their home and placed into the foster care system. It's been a long road to get to where she is today, but now, at 23, Legend has graduated college, gotten married and started her career as a social worker. Read more about her inspiring story below.

Part 1: "I just knew we couldn't live like this"

Part 2: "I was always really good at pretending to be OK"

Part 3: "We are in this together"