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Opportunities for College Students

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DCS recognizes the critical need to recruit and retain the best, brightest and most committed employees to work with at-risk families. 

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Scholars Program
The Child Welfare BSW Scholars Program offers undergraduate college students in participating Indiana educational institutions the opportunity to attend their senior year of the Bachelor of Social Work program tuition-free (limited to the in-state rate).  Students can learn in-depth course content about child welfare and practice working with children and families while having the support of DCS staff and MSW professionals.  DCS offers the student employment with a competitive salary within two months of graduation. 

This program is currently available at the following Indiana Universities: Ball State University, Indiana State University, IUPUI, Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana University-East, and the University of Southern Indiana.  For more information, please contact the School of Social Work at one of the participating schools.

Every summer, the Department of Child Services participates in Governor’s Public Service Summer Internship program, administered by the State Personnel Department. This internship program was created in 1989 to introduce bright and motivated college students to the operations and officials of state government. This program provides interns the opportunity to work with state agency officials, as well as participate in a Speakers Series which feature various elected officials, state agency directors, and other government representatives. Students are encouraged to interact with one another regarding their varying experiences and to attend any meetings and forums throughout the Government Center complex that are open to the public and would enhance their summer experience. Governor’s Summer Interns spend at least 50 percent of their time on a predetermined project that enhances college-level skills and abilities.

For more information on the Governor’s Summer Internship program, and how to apply, visit SPD: Internships.

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