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Family Case Managers

Do you want to make a difference?

Join the Department of Child Services in our mission to transform the lives of Indiana’s most vulnerable citizens: Hoosier children and families suffering from abuse or neglect. Strengthening families and preventing child abuse requires a shared commitment of individuals and organizations in every community and if you feel driven to make this purpose your career, we encourage you to apply to be a Family Case Manager. These hardworking and dedicated individuals focus on establishing meaningful relationships with families and communities in Marion County to assess primary safety and risk concerns and take action when needed to ensure safety, permanency and well-being to promote healthier and stronger families for our children and communities.

What are we looking for?

Due to the sensitive nature of this work, we are seeking those who have a passion to be the driving force in making a positive impact on the lives of others. Our Family Case Managers are strong, dedicated, organized, prepared for anything and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.  We are looking for individuals that demonstrate empathy and possess the ability to put judgment aside with families; recognize, assess, and affirm family strengths; and use critical thinking skills to solve complex problems.


The purpose of the Family Case Manager position is to protect children from abuse and neglect, maintain or reunify families whenever possible and locate a permanent home or independent living when needed for children unable to be reunited with their families.

Family Case Managers focus on one of the following specialized areas.


As a Family Case Manger working in Assessment, you will assess allegations of abuse/neglect and refer clients to appropriate services. Extensive case documentation is required, which includes preparing court reports and social histories. The employee must have family engagement skills in mitigating risk and enhance safety that will be used in both the office, client homes, and in the community. Must have the ability to advocate for families and children, testify in court and de-escalate potentially volatile situations. The position also collaborates with law enforcement, schools, medical personnel, mental health agencies, the courts and children providers.

Family Case Managers in Permanency direct casework specializing in child protection, family and adolescent crisis response, delinquency and parent/child conflict, emancipation planning and facilitating adoptions. The employee must have family engagement skills to work with families in mitigating risk and enhancing safety that will be used in both the office, client homes, and in the community. Extensive case documentation is required, which includes preparing court reports and social histories. Also coordinating resources and collaborating with service providers, courts, the community, schools, and assessment centers.

Both requires unscheduled evening and weekend work.

Qualifications (Preferred Experience):

In order to be considered for employment, you must fulfill one of the following education/experience requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree; or
  • Associate degree with a minimum of two years of human services job experience; or
  • Completion of 30 college credit hours from an accredited institution with a minimum of four years of human services job experience; or
  • A minimum of at least five years of human services job experience

Special Requirements:

Prior to be hired, a background check will be conducted which will include:

  • Limited Criminal History – State Police
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Driver’s License - Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Fingerprinting – National Criminal History (FBI)
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Past Employment reference check
  • Educational verification – transcripts required
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) check

Once the candidate is hired, the first twelve (12) weeks consists of on-the-job training in Indianapolis. Candidates must have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license/insurance, and the ability to travel and be on call.

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