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Books for Youth

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The Books for Youth (BFY) Program is committed to placing backpacks filled with 25 age-appropriate books into the hands of Indiana foster youth and young adults.

Statistics show that children who read, succeed. Reading and being read to at an early age not only increases success in the classroom, but in life. It develops critical thinking skills and imagination.

But when a youth is removed from a home due to abuse or neglect, that simple activity of reading is interrupted or may not have ever existed at all.  And the possessions a child takes are usually the basic needs – clothing and maybe a comfort item such as a blanket or a stuffed animal. There may not be time or room due to the urgency of the removal to include books and other personal belongings.

BFY changes that and provides books foster youth can call their own.  Since the program began in 2006, BFY has given away more than 8,750 backpacks thanks to the our partnership with the Indianapolis Colts and through the generosity and support of our title sponsor Cargo Services Inc.

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