Foster Care Overview

Foster Care Overview:  When children enter foster care, the needs of the children and their families are translated into practices that ensure the children are placed with families within their own cultural groups, neighborhoods and communities whenever possible.  A family-focused, community-based approach to foster care helps children develop into healthy adults.  Needs are identified through Case Planning, and/or Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTM).  The foster family plays an important role assisting the Family Case Manager and the birth family in identifying and meeting the needs of children and birth families.  The majority of children placed in foster care are reunified with their parents. Some children cannot be reunified and need other permanency established.  Permanency may occur when children are placed with members of their extended family in guardianship or adoption.  Permanency may also occur when children become members of new families through adoption.


Common Terms 

Resources and Information: There are a variety of resources and information available serving families who are involved with the Department of Child Services.  View available resources by selecting the desired population from the list below.  For additional resource information in your area please speak with your Family Case Manager. 


Foster Family Resource Guide  The purpose of this guide is to provide further insight into areas of resource parenting that will be most helpful to resource parents.