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Local Rules

Current and proposed local rules are published by county. Choose a county from the list below to view that county's local rules.

Trial Courts & Clerks by County

Choose a county below for local rules, statistics, e-filing information and how to get case information. Learn about the structure of Indiana's judicial branch.

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Orders Approving Local Court Rules

Local Rules Standards

The Indiana Supreme Court and Office of Judicial Administration have approved standards for the preparation of local court rules pursuant to Indiana Trial Rule 81 and Administrative Rule 1(E). These standards include a schedule and format for preparation of local rules and caseload allocation plans.

Document Date Published
Request to Revalidate Current Caseload Allocation Plan 01/18/2019
Schedule for All Local Court Rules (Fourth Amended Schedule) 03/28/2024
SAMPLE: Notice of Proposed New Rule or Amendments to Local Court Rules 04/21/2023
Local Rules Guidance05/05/2023