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Protection, No Contact and Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

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Indiana's Updated Civil Protection Order, No Contact Order, and Workplace Violence Restraining Order Forms are effective July 1, 2020. The following forms are updated and valid for use in court.

All forms below contain dates of approval and revision in the bottom right corner of each page, which you can check against the dates listed in the table below. If the form you are using has been updated since you downloaded, you should download again now. Most forms below are available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.

Cover Sheet

The cover sheet is a fillable PDF document capable of being filled out electronically through the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Form #Form TitleCreatedRevisedWordPDF
n/aCover Sheet for Protection, No Contact, and Workplace Violence Restraining Orders07.01.0207.01.15n/aPDF

Service of Protection, No Contact, and Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

Form #Form TitleCreatedRevisedWordPDF
PNW-0100Instructions to Clerk07.01.03- -WordPDF
PNW-0101Return Of Service Information For Protective Orders, No Contact Orders And Workplace Violence Restraining Orders07.01.03- -WordPDF
PNW-0102Access to Court Records Notice of Exclusion of Confidential Information07.01.20--WordPDF

Protection Order Forms

Form #Form TitleCreatedRevisedWordPDF
PO-0100Petition for an Order for Protection and Request for a Hearing (Filed by Person Seeking Protection)07.01.0208.23.19WordPDF
PO-0101Petition for an Order for Protection and Request for a Hearing (Filed on Behalf of a Child)07.01.0208.23.19WordPDF
PO-0102Instructions for Petition for an Order for Protection (Filed by Person Seeking Protection)07.01.0207.01.20WordPDF
PO-0103Instructions for Petition for an Order for Protection (Filed on Behalf of a Child)07.01.0207.01.20WordPDF
PO-0104Confidential Form (to accompany Petition for Order and Request)07.01.0207.01.19WordPDF
PO-0105Ex Parte Order for Protection and Findings07.01.0207.01.19WordPDF
PO-0106Notice to Appear07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
PO-0107Respondent's Verified Request for a Hearing07.01.0207.01.08WordPDF
PO-0108Petitioner's Verified Request for Dismissal07.01.0207.01.08WordPDF
PO-0109Order Dismissing Petition for an Order for Protection07.30.0207.01.15WordPDF
PO-0110Order Denying Petition for an Order for Protection07.30.0207.01.19WordPDF
PO-0111Verified Motion to Reinstate Petition for an Order for Protection07.01.02- -WordPDF
PO-0113Order for Protection Issued After a Hearing (long form with visitation options & child support language)07.01.0207.01.19WordPDF
PO-0115Petition to Modify an Order for Protection07.01.0207.01.19WordPDF
PO-0116Petition to Extend Order for Protection07.01.15- -WordPDF
PO-0117Notice of Extension or Modification07.01.0207.01.10WordPDF
PO-0118Notice of Termination07.01.0207.01.10WordPDF
PO-0119Registration of Foreign Protection Order07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
PO-0120Confidential Form for Foreign Protection Orders07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
PO-0121Order Modifying an Order for Protection Adding Brady Law Prohibition07.23.0407.01.08WordPDF
PO-0122Order of Transfer To Court Having Jurisdiction07.01.0607.01.19WordPDF
PO-0124Supplement to Cover Sheet07.01.07- -WordPDF
PO-0125Supplement to Confidential Form for Protected Parties07.01.07- -WordPDF
PO-0126Petition for Contempt07.01.09- -WordPDF
PO-0127Address Verification Form07.01.0907.01.12WordPDF
PO-0128Order to Appear 07.01.09- -WordPDF
PO-0129Order Finding Violation of Order of Protection and Requiring Respondent to Wear a GPS Device07.01.09- -WordPDF
PO-0130Order Finding Respondent in Civil Contempt for Failure to Obey Order of Protection07.01.09- -WordPDF
PO-0131Notice of Modification, Termination, or Address Change for Foreign Protection Order 07.01.14 07.01.14WordPDF
PO-0132Findings and Order Granting Verified Petition for Existing Order for Protection07.01.1511.13.15WordPDF
PO-0133 Order of Temporary Extension of Ex Parte Order Pending Hearing07.01.16--WordPDF
PO-0134Notice & Order Setting Hearing On Petition to Expunge07.01.20--WordPDF
PO-0135Order Granting Petition to Expunge07.01.20--WordPDF
PO-0136Order Denying Petition to Expunge07.01.20--WordPDF
PO-0137Notice to School Corporation10.29.21 WordPDF

No Contact Orders

Form #Form TitleCreatedRevisedWordPDF
NC-0100No Contact Order - Pretrial Release07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
NC-0101No Contact Order - Diversion07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
NC-0102No Contact Order - Probation or Executed Sentence07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
NC-0103No Contact Order - CHINS07.01.0207.01.16WordPDF
NC-0104No Contact Order - Delinquency07.01.0207.01.16WordPDF
NC-0105No Contact Order - Supplement to Cover Sheet, Protected Persons07.01.05- -WordPDF
NC-0106No Contact Order - Supplement to Confidential Form for Multiple Protected Parties07.01.05- -WordPDF
NC-0107No Contact Order - Order Vacating or Modifying No Contact Order07.01.0907.01.14WordPDF
NC-0108No Contact Order - Pretrial Release No Hearing07.01.10- -WordPDF
NC-0109No Contact Order - Access to Court Records Notice of Exclusion of Confidential Information 07.01.20- -WordPDF

Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

Form #Form TitleCreatedRevisedWordPDF
WV-0100Instructions for Petitions to Prohibit Workplace Violence07.01.0207.01.11WordPDF
WV-0101Petition of Employer for Injunction Prohibiting Violence or Threats of Violence Against Employee / Application for Temporary Restraining Order07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
WV-0102Order to Show Cause (Workplace Violence) & Temporary Restraining Order07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
WV-0103Proof of Personal Service (Workplace Violence)07.01.0207.01.03WordPDF
WV-0104Response to Petition of Employer for Injunction Prohibiting Violence or Threats of Violence Against Employee07.01.0207.01.03WordPDF
WV-0105Proof of Service of Completed Response (Workplace Violence)07.01.0207.01.03WordPDF
WV-0106Order After Hearing on Petition of Employer for Injunction Prohibiting Violence or Threats of Violence Against Employee07.01.0207.01.14WordPDF
WV-0107Petition to Modify a Workplace Violence Restraining Order07.01.10- -WordPDF

Child Protection Orders

Form #Form TitleCreatedRevisedWordPDF
CHPO-0100Department of Child Services Temporary Protection Order07.01.0707.01.08WordPDF
CHPO-0101Department of Child Services Child Protection Order07.01.0707.01.20WordPDF
CHPO-0102Petition for Child Protection Order (Only For Use of Department of Child Services)01.26.18- -WordPDF

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