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Which courts use Odyssey and MyCase

Case information available at comes only from courts that use the state's Odyssey case management system. Following is a list of the courts/counties that use Odyssey and the dates they began using the system. Also included are courts scheduled to begin using Odyssey in the near future, abolished courts with archived cases still in Odyssey, and courts with renumbered identifiers. See Administrative Rule 8 for more about Indiana's uniform case numbering system.

Appellate Courts

Court IdentifierCourts/CountyGo Live Date
See A.R. 8.1Indiana Supreme Court5/1/2015
See A.R. 8.1Indiana Court of Appeals5/1/2015
See A.R. 8.1Indiana Tax Court12/1/2014

Trial Courts

Court IdentifierCourts/CountyGo Live Date
01C01Adams Circuit Court8/19/2019
01D01Adams Superior Court8/19/2019
02C01Allen Circuit Court9/7/2010
02D01Allen Superior Court 11/18/2011
02D02Allen Superior Court 21/18/2011
02D03Allen Superior Court 31/18/2011
02D04Allen Superior Court 49/7/2010
02D05Allen Superior Court 59/7/2010
02D06Allen Superior Court 69/7/2010
02D07Allen Superior Court 711/26/2012
02D08Allen Superior Court 811/26/2012
02D09Allen Superior Court 91/18/2011
02H01Allen/New Haven City Court  (abolished 12/31/18)6/15/2009
03C01Bartholomew Circuit Court12/5/2016
03D01Bartholomew Superior Court 112/5/2016
03D02Bartholomew Superior Court 212/5/2016
04C01Benton Circuit Court3/1/2010
05C01Blackford Circuit Court1/4/2010
05D01Blackford Superior Court1/4/2010
06C01Boone Circuit Court2/21/2017
06D01Boone Superior Court 12/21/2017
06D02Boone Superior Court 22/21/2017
06I02Boone/Zionsville Town Court11/14/2013
07C01Brown Circuit Court12/7/2020
08C01Carroll Circuit Court4/5/2010
08D01Carroll Superior Court4/5/2010
08H01Carroll/Delphi City Court3/10/2014
09C01Cass Circuit Court6/20/2011
09D01Cass Superior Court 16/20/2011
09D02Cass Superior Court 26/20/2011
10C01Clark Circuit Court 16/21/2010
10C02Clark Circuit Court 2 (Formerly 10D02)6/21/2010
10C03Clark Circuit Court 3 (Formerly 10D03)6/21/2010
10C04Clark Circuit Court 4 (Formerly 10D01)6/21/2010
10D05Clark Superior Court 57/1/2021
10D06Clark Superior Court 67/1/2021
10D01Clark Superior Court 1 (abolished)6/21/2010
10D02Clark Superior Court 2 (abolished)6/21/2010
10D03Clark Superior Court 3 (abolished)6/21/2010
10E01Clark County Court (abolished)6/21/2010
10I01Clark/Clarksville Town Court10/28/2016
11C01Clay Circuit Court7/29/2019
11D01Clay Superior Court7/29/2019
12C01Clinton Circuit Court2/18/2019
12D01Clinton Superior Court2/18/2019
12E01Clinton County Court (abolished)2/18/2019
12H01Clinton/Frankfort City Court9/1/2015
13C01Crawford Circuit Court8/29/2016
14C01Daviess Circuit Court12/2/2019
14D01Daviess Superior Court12/2/2019
14E01Daviess County Court (abolished)12/2/2019
15C01Dearborn Circuit Court7/17/2017
15D01Dearborn Superior Court7/17/2017
15D02Dearborn Superior Court 27/17/2017
15E01Dearborn County Court (abolished)7/17/2017
15H02Dearborn/Lawrenceburg City Court5/1/2012
16C01Decatur Circuit Court2/10/2020
16D01Decatur Superior Court2/10/2020
17C01DeKalb Circuit Court12/8/2008
17D01DeKalb Superior Court12/8/2008
17D02DeKalb Superior Court 212/8/2008
17H01DeKalb/Butler City Court9/1/2022
18C01Delaware Circuit Court4/4/2016
18C02Delaware Circuit Court 24/4/2016
18C03Delaware Circuit Court 34/4/2016
18C04Delaware Circuit Court 44/4/2016
18C05Delaware Circuit Court 54/4/2016
18D01Delaware Superior Court 1 (abolished)4/4/2016
18D02Delaware Superior Court 2 (abolished)4/4/2016
18D03Delaware Superior Court 3 (abolished)4/4/2016
18D04Delaware Superior Court 4 (abolished)4/4/2016
18H01Delaware/Muncie City Court3/6/2017
19C01Dubois Circuit Court6/24/19
19D01Dubois Superior Court6/24/19
20C01Elkhart Circuit Court9/4/2012
20D01Elkhart Superior 19/4/2012
20D02Elkhart Superior 29/4/2012
20D03Elkhart Superior 39/4/2012
20D04Elkhart Superior 4 (Goshen)9/4/2012
20D05Elkhart Superior 5 (Elkhart)9/4/2012
20D06Elkhart Superior 6 (Elkhart)9/4/2012
20E01Elkhart County Court 1 (abolished)9/4/2012
20E02Elkhart County Court 2 (abolished)9/4/2012
20H01Elkhart/Elkhart City Court11/2/2020
20H02Elkhart/Goshen City Court6/29/2017
20H03Elkhart/Nappanee City Court7/1/2013
21C01Fayette Circuit Court10/14/2014
21D01Fayette Superior Court10/14/2014
22C01Floyd Circuit Court2/17/2009
22D01Floyd Superior Court 12/17/2009
22D02Floyd Superior Court 22/17/2009
22D03Floyd Superior Court 31/2/2009
22E01Floyd County Court (abolished)2/17/2009
23C01Fountain County6/1/2015
23H01Fountain/Attica City Court10/15/2012
24C01Franklin Circuit Court 112/9/2013
24C02Franklin Circuit Court 212/9/2013
25C01Fulton Circuit Court4/24/2017
25D01Fulton Superior Court4/24/2017
25E01Fulton County Court (abolished)4/24/2017
26C01Gibson Circuit Court6/22/2015
26D01Gibson Superior Court6/22/2015
27C01Grant Circuit Court12/3/2012
27D01Grant Superior Court 112/3/2012
27D02Grant Superior Court 212/3/2012
27D03Grant Superior Court 312/3/2012
27E01Grant County Court (abolished)12/3/2012
27H01Grant/Gas City Court12/13/2010
27H02Grant/Marion City Court6/1/2015
28C01Greene Circuit Court3/14/2011
28D01Greene Superior Court3/14/2011
29C01Hamilton Circuit Court9/21/2009
29D01Hamilton Superior Court 19/21/2009
29D02Hamilton Superior Court 29/21/2009
29D03Hamilton Superior Court 39/21/2009
29D04Hamilton Superior Court 49/21/2009
29D05Hamilton Superior Court 59/21/2009
29D06Hamilton Superior Court 69/21/2009
29D07Hamilton Superior Court 71/1/2023
29E01Hamilton County Court (abolished)9/21/2009
29H01Hamilton/Carmel City Court11/23/2009
29H02Hamilton/Noblesville City Court2/27/2017
29H03Hamilton/Fishers City Court1/3/2012
30C01Hancock Circuit Court4/1/2013
30D01Hancock Superior Court 14/1/2013
30D02Hancock Superior Court 24/1/2013
30E01Hancock Count Court (abolished)4/1/2013
31C01Harrison Circuit Court12/14/2009
31D01Harrison Superior Court12/14/2009
31E01Harrison County Court (abolished)12/14/2009
32C01Hendricks Circuit Court9/6/2011
32D01Hendricks Superior Court 19/6/2011
32D02Hendricks Superior Court 29/6/2011
32D03Hendricks Superior Court 39/6/2011
32D04Hendricks Superior Court 49/6/2011
32D05Hendricks Superior Court 59/6/2011
32I01Hendricks/Plainfield Town Court3/1/2011
32I02Hendricks/Brownsburg Town Court10/1/2015
32I03Hendricks/Avon Town Court7/26/2021
33C01Henry Circuit Court 112/12/2011
33C02Henry Circuit Court 2 (formerly 33D01)12/12/2011
33C03Henry Circuit Court 3 (formerly 33D02)12/12/2011
33D01Henry Superior Court 1 (abolished)12/12/2011
33D02Henry Superior Court 2 (abolished)12/12/2011
33E01Henry County Court (abolished)12/12/2011
33H01Henry/New Castle City Court4/7/2023
34D01Howard Superior Court 18/13/2018
34D02Howard Superior Court 28/13/2018
34C01Howard Circuit Court8/13/2018
34D03Howard Superior Court 38/13/2018
34D04Howard Superior Court 48/13/2018
34E01Howard County Court (abolished)8/13/2018
35C01Huntington Circuit Court1/4/2010
35D01Huntington Superior Court1/4/2010
35I01Huntington/Roanoke Town Court (abolished)5/24/2010
36C01Jackson Circuit Court4/9/2012
36D01Jackson Superior Court 14/9/2012
36D02Jackson Superior Court 24/9/2012
36E01Jackson County Court (abolished)4/9/2012
37C01Jasper Circuit Court11/15/2010
37D01Jasper Superior11/15/2010
37D02Jasper Superior Court 2 (abolished)11/15/2010
38C01Jay Circuit Court8/24/2020
38D01Jay Superior Court8/24/2020
38E01Jay County Court (abolished)8/24/2020
39C1Jefferson Circuit Court5/24/2021
39D01Jefferson Superior Court5/24/2021
39E01Jefferson County Court (abolished)5/24/2021
40C01Jennings Circuit Court12/12/2011
40D01Jennings Superior Court12/12/2011
41C01Johnson Circuit Court12/8/2014
41D01Johnson Superior Court 112/8/2014
41D02Johnson Superior Court 212/8/2014
41D03Johnson Superior Court 312/8/2014
41D04Johnson Superior Court 41/1/2015
41H01Johnson/Franklin City Court1/9/2012
41H02Johnson/Greenwood City Court4/10/2009
42C01Knox Circuit Court10/29/2012
42D01Knox Superior 110/29/2012
42D02Knox Superior 210/29/2012
42E01Knox County Court (abolished)10/29/2012
42H01Knox/Bicknell City Court4/18/2011
43C01Kosciusko Circuit Court6/24/2019
43D01Kosciusko Superior Court 16/24/2019
43D02Kosciusko Superior Court 26/24/2019
43D03Kosciusko Superior Court 36/24/2019
43D04Kosciusko Superior Court 47/1/2019
43E01Kosciusko County Court (abolished)6/24/0219
44C01LaGrange Circuit Court3/1/2021
44D01LaGrange Superior Court3/1/2021
45C01Lake Circuit Court5/21/2018
45D01Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 15/21/2018
45D02Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 25/21/2018
45D03Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 35/21/2018
45D04Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 45/21/2018
45D05Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 55/21/2018
45D10Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 65/21/2018
45D11Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 75/21/2018
45D07Lake Superior Court, County Division 15/21/2018
45D08Lake Superior Court, County Division 25/21/2018
45D09Lake Superior Court, County Division 35/21/2018
45D12Lake Superior Court, County Division 45/21/2018
45G01Lake Superior Court, Criminal Division 15/21/2018
45G02Lake Superior Court, Criminal Division 25/21/2018
45G03Lake Superior Court, Criminal Division 35/21/2018
45G04Lake Superior Court, Criminal Division 45/21/2018
45E01Lake County Court (abolished)5/21/2018
45E02Lake County Court (abolished)5/21/2018
45E03Lake County Court (abolished)5/21/2018
45H01Lake/Crown Point City Court4/22/2019
45H02Lake/East Chicago City Court4/22/2019
45H03Lake/Gary City Court2/26/2018
45H05Lake/Hobart City Court4/1/2019
45H06     Lake/Lake Station City Court10/26/2020
45I01Lake/Merrillville Town Court4/22/2019
45I02Lake/Schererville Town Court4/1/2019
45I03Lake/Lowell Town Court10/26/2020
46C01LaPorte Circuit Court6/18/2012
46D01LaPorte Superior Court 16/18/2012
46D02LaPorte Superior Court 26/18/2012
46D03LaPorte Superior Court 3 (LaPorte)6/18/2012
46D04LaPorte Superior Court 4 (Michigan City)6/18/2012
47C01Lawrence Circuit Court8/28/2017
47D01Lawrence Superior Court 18/28/2017
47D02Lawrence Superior Court 28/28/2017
47E01Lawrence County Court (abolished)8/28/2017
48C01Madison Circuit Court10/11/2010
48C02Madison Circuit Court 2 (formerly D02)10/11/2010
48C03Madison Circuit Court 3 (formerly D03)10/11/2010
48C04Madison Circuit Court 4 (formerly D04)10/11/2010
48C05Madison Circuit Court 5 (formerly D05)10/11/2010
48C06Madison Circuit Court 6 (formerly D01)10/11/2010
48D01Madison Superior 1 (abolished)10/11/2010
48D02Madison Superior 2 (abolished)10/11/2010
48D03Madison Superior 3 (abolished)10/11/2010
48D04Madison Superior 4 (abolished)10/11/2010
48D05Madison Superior 5 (abolished)10/11/2010
48E01Madison County Court 1 (abolished)10/11/2010
48E02Madison County Court2 (abolished)10/11/2010
48H01Madison/Alexandria City Court (abolished)1/19/2010
48H02Madison/Anderson City Court3/7/2022
48H03Madison/Elwood City Court 8/3/2020
48I01Madison/Edgewood Town Court (abolished)6/8/2020
48I02Madison/Pendleton Town Court4/25/2017
49C01Marion Circuit Court5/13/2013
49D01Marion Superior Court 1 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 1)5/13/2013
49D02Marion Superior Court 2 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 2)5/13/2013
49D03Marion Superior Court 3 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 3)5/13/2013
49D04Marion Superior Court 4 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 4)5/13/2013
49D05Marion Superior Court 5 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 5)5/13/2013
49D06Marion Superior Court 6 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 6)5/13/2013
49D07Marion Superior Court 7 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 7)5/13/2013
49D08Marion Superior Court 8 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Probate Div.)5/13/2013
49D09Marion Superior Court 9 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Juvenile Div. 9)1/25/2021
49D10Marion Superior Court 10 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 10)5/13/2013
49D11Marion Superior Court 11 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 11)5/13/2013
49D12Marion Superior Court 12 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 12)5/13/2013
49D13Marion Superior Court 13 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 13)5/13/2013
49D14Marion Superior Court 14 (formerly Marion Superior Court, Civil Div. 14)5/13/2013
49D15Marion Superior Court 15 (formerly Marion Superior Court Juvenile Div. 15)1/25/2021
49D16Marion Superior Court 16 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 16, G16/F16)6/9/2014
49D17Marion Superior Court 17 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 17, G17/F17)6/9/2014
49D18Marion Superior Court 18 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 18, G18/F18)6/9/2014
49D19Marion Superior Court 19 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 12, G12/F12)6/9/2014
49D20Marion Superior Court 20 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 20, G20)6/9/2014
49D21Marion Superior Court 21 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 21, G21)6/9/2014
49D22Marion Superior Court 22 (formerly Marion Superior Traffic Court, G13/F13)2/2/2009
49D23Marion Superior Court 23 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 14, G14/F14)6/9/2014
49D24Marion Superior Court 24 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 24, G24/F24)6/9/2014
49D25Marion Superior Court 25 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 25, G24/F25)6/9/2014
49D26Marion Superior Court 26 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 15, G26/F15)6/9/2014
49D27Marion Superior Court 27 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 1, G01)6/9/2014
49D28Marion Superior Court 28 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 2, G02)6/9/2014
49D29Marion Superior Court 29 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 3, G03)6/9/2014
49D30Marion Superior Court 30 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 4, G04)6/9/2014
49D31Marion Superior Court 31 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 5, G05)6/9/2014
49D32Marion Superior Court 32 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 6, G06)6/9/2014
49D33 Marion Superior Court 33 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 7, G07/F07)6/9/2014
49D34Marion Superior Court 34 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 8, G08/F08)6/9/2014
49D35Marion Superior Court 35 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 9, G09/F09)6/9/2014
49D36Marion Superior Court 36 (formerly Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 910, G10/F10)6/9/2014
49G11Initial Hearing Court (formerly F11)6/9/2014
49G19Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 19 (formerly F19) (abolished)6/9/2014
49G23Marion Superior Court Crim. Div. 23 (abolished)6/9/2014
49H01Marion/Beech Grove City Court5/1/2012
49I01Marion/Cumberland Town Court1/3/2012
49K01Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Center9/29/2008
49K02Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Decatur12/04/2017
49K03Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Lawrence8/24/2010
49K04Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Perry1/31/2011
49K05Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Pike3/20/2017
49K06Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Warren4/13/2010
49K07Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Washington12/14/2007
49K08Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Wayne10/13/2009
49K09Marion Co. Small Claims Court, Franklin12/1/2008
50C01Marshall Circuit Court1/23/2017
50D01Marshall Superior Court 11/23/2017
50D02Marshall Superior Court 21/23/2017
50D03Marshall Superior Court 37/1/2021
51C01Martin Circuit Court 112/7/2020
52C01Miami Circuit Court12/3/2018
52D01Miami Superior Court 112/3/2018
52D02Miami Superior Court 212/3/2018
52H01Miami/Peru City Court3/24/2015
52I01Miami/Bunker Hill Town Court (abolished)12/13/2010
53C01Monroe Circuit Court 112/17/2007
53C02Monroe Circuit Court 212/17/2007
53C03Monroe Circuit Court 312/17/2007
53C04Monroe Circuit Court 412/17/2007
53C05Monroe Circuit Court 512/17/2007
53C06Monroe Circuit Court 612/17/2007
53C07Monroe Circuit Court 712/17/2007
53C08Monroe Circuit Court 812/17/2007
53C09Monroe Circuit Court 912/17/2007
54C01Montgomery Circuit Court1/29/2018
54D01Montgomery Superior Court 11/29/2018
54D02Montgomery Superior Court 21/29/2018
55C01Morgan Circuit Court8/4/2014
55D01Morgan Superior Court 18/4/2014
55D02Morgan Superior Court 28/4/2014
55D03Morgan Superior Court 38/4/2014
55E01Morgan County Court (abolished)8/4/2014
56C01Newton Circuit Court12/2/2019
56D01Newton Superior Court12/2/2019
57C01Noble Circuit Court3/1/2021
57D01Noble Superior Court 13/1/2021
57D02Noble Superior Court 23/1/2021
58C01Ohio Circuit Court7/17/2017
58D01Ohio Superior Court (abolished)7/17/2017
59C01Orange Circuit Court1/22/2013
59D01Orange Superior Court1/22/2013
59E01Orange County Court (abolished)1/22/2013
60C01Owen Circuit Court 18/3/2009
60C02Owen Circuit Court 21/1/2015
61C01Parke Circuit Court6/1/2009
62C01Perry Circuit Court7/18/2016
63C01Pike Circuit Court2/19/2019
64C01Porter Circuit Court9/9/2013
64D01Porter Superior Court 19/9/2013
64D02Porter Superior Court 29/9/2013
64D03Porter Superior Court 310/17/2011
64D04Porter Superior Court 410/17/2011
64D05Porter Superior Court 510/17/2011
64D06Porter Superior Court 610/17/2011
64E01Porter County Court (abolished)10/17/2011
65C01Posey Circuit Court8/16/2010
65D01Posey Superior Court8/16/2010
65E01Posey County Court (abolished)8/16/2010
66C01Pulaski Circuit Court3/16/2020
66D01Pulaski Superior Court3/16/2020
66E01Pulaski County Court (abolished)3/16/2020
67C01Putnam Circuit Court10/15/2018
67D01Putnam Superior Court10/15/2018
67E01Putnam County Court (abolished)10/15/2018
68C01Randolph Circuit Court12/13/2021
68D01Randolph Superior Court12/13/2021
68E01Randolph County Court (abolished)12/13/2021
68H01Randolph/Winchester City Court9/13/2016
68H02Randolph/Union City City Court4/9/2012
69C01Ripley Circuit Court11/6/2017
69D01Ripley Superior Court11/6/2017
69I01Ripley/Versailles Town Court (abolished)11/10/15
70C01Rush Circuit Court12/1/2009
70D01Rush Superior Court12/1/2009
71C01St. Joseph Circuit Court2/4/2013
71D01St. Joseph Superior Court8/3/2009
71D02St. Joseph Superior Court8/3/2009
71D03St. Joseph Superior Court8/3/2009
71D04St. Joseph Superior Court2/4/2013
71D05St. Joseph Superior Court2/4/2013
71D06St. Joseph Superior Court2/4/2013
71D07St. Joseph Superior Court2/4/2013
71D08St. Joseph Superior Court8/3/2009
71I01St. Joseph/Walkerton Town Court2/10/2014
72C01Scott Circuit Court7/11/2011
72D01Scott Superior Court7/11/2011
73C01Shelby Circuit Court4/25/2011
73D01Shelby Superior Court 14/25/2011
73D02Shelby Superior Court 24/25/2011
73E01Shelby County Court (abolished)4/25/2011
74C01Spencer Circuit Court8/24/2020
74H01Spencer/Rockport City Court (abolished)8/24/2020
75C01Starke Circuit County2/1/2016
75H01Starke/Knox City Court11/15/2010
76C01Steuben Circuit Court8/1/2011
76D01Steuben Superior Court8/1/2011
76E01Steuben County Court (abolished)8/1/2011
77C01Sullivan Circuit Court5/20/2019
77D01Sullivan Superior Court5/20/2019
77E01Sullivan County Court (abolished)5/20/2019
78C01Switzerland Circuit Court12/6/2021
78D01Switzerland Superior Court (abolished)12/6/2021
79C01Tippecanoe Circuit Court6/6/2016
79D01Tippecanoe Superior Court 16/6/2016
79D02Tippecanoe Superior Court 26/6/2016
79D03Tippecanoe Superior Court 36/6/2016
79D04Tippecanoe Superior Court 46/6/2016
79D05Tippecanoe Superior Court 56/6/2016
79D06Tippecanoe Superior Court 66/6/2016
79D07Tippecanoe Superior Court 77/1/2019
79H01Tippecanoe/West Lafayette City Court9/21/2020
80C01Tipton Circuit Court9/22/2008
80H01Tipton/Tipton City Court (abolished)10/3/2011
81C01Union Circuit Court5/23/2011
82C01Vanderburgh Circuit Court9/2/2014
82D01Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
82D02Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
82D03Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
82D04Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
82D05Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
82D06Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
82D07Vanderburgh Superior Court9/2/2014
83C01Vermillion Circuit Court4/26/2021
84C01Vigo Circuit Court12/7/2015
84D01Vigo Superior Court 112/7/2015
84D02Vigo Superior Court 212/7/2015
84D03Vigo Superior Court 312/7/2015
84D04Vigo Superior Court 412/7/2015
84D05Vigo Superior Court 512/7/2015
84D06Vigo Superior Court 612/7/2015
84E04Vigo County Court, Div. 4 (abolished)12/7/2015
84E05Vigo County Court, Div. 5 (abolished)12/7/2015
84H01Vigo/Terre Haute City Court8/29/2011
85C01Wabash Circuit Court9/24/2018
85D01Wabash Superior Court9/24/2018
85E01Wabash County Court (abolished)9/24/2018
85H01Wabash/Wabash City Court2/27/2023
86C01Warren Circuit Court8/26/2008
87C01Warrick Circuit Court 18/7/2021
87D01Warrick Superior Court 18/7/2021
87D02Warrick Superior Court 28/7/2021
88C01Washington Circuit Court7/6/2009
88D01Washington Superior Court7/6/2009
89C01Wayne Circuit Court7/2/2018
89D01Wayne Superior Court 17/2/2018
89D02Wayne Superior Court 27/2/2018
89D03Wayne Superior Court 37/2/2018
90C01Wells Circuit Court12/3/2018
90D01Wells Superior Court12/3/2018
90H01Wells/Bluffton City Court12/1/2022
91C01White Circuit Court3/16/2020
91D01White Superior Court3/16/2020
92C01Whitley Circuit Court5/20/2019
92D01Whitley Superior Court5/20/2019