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E-filing service providers

Indiana's e-filing model provides the public with a choice from among several e-filing service providers. Any company that wishes to become an e-filing service provider in Indiana must complete a certification process through the Indiana Supreme Court. Service providers currently certified in Indiana are listed below. As additional service providers are certified, they will be listed here.

See the implementation schedule for a full list of courts and case types available for e-filing.

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Getting help with e-filing

General help

For general help understanding e-filing in the trial and appellate courts, especially how to prepare documents for e-filing, see the E-filing User Guide.

Removal of a service contact from a case

If you or someone in your firm has mistakenly been added to a case as a service contact, you can request their removal by email using this form. Tyler Technologies will respond to the person who is being removed for confirmation.

Technical help

For technical help on how to file in a case using on of the e-filing services available in Indiana, contact your provider directly using the information above. Be sure to sign up for any training offered by the provider before you e-file.

Contact us

If you are filing in a trial court, always start by contacting your e-filing service provider at one of the help websites linked above. If your provider is unable to answer the question, contact the trial court technology staff, and we'll help get you the answer.

If you are filing in an appellate court, and you aren't sure whether your question is general or technical, contact the appellate court technology staff and we'll point you in the right direction.