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Right of Way & Driveway Permits

The Harrison County Highway Department issues Right-of-Way Permits and Driveway Permits.

Right-of-way permits are required any time work is to be done within the road Right-of-Way.  Although there are no fees for Right-of-Way permits, surety in the form of a bond, letter of credit, or certified check may be required to ensure the satisfactory completion of the work.

Driveway Permits are required by the Harrison County Plan Commission to obtain a building permit.  If you are located within an incorporated town, you will not need a driveway permit from the Harrison County Highway Department.

If you need a permit, please download the appropriate application form from the link provided below and follow the directions included on the form.  Permit applications will be handled within five business days from when they are received.

If you have questions concerning building permits, please visit the Harrison County Plan Commission's webpage