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Jury Duty

Harrison Circuit Court and Harrison Superior Courts oversee jury duty pools separately for each respective Court. Please review the frequently asked questions provided below as it pertains to jury duty in the Harrison County Circuit Court and Harrison County Superior Court.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is parking available near the Courthouse Square?

    Yes, Juror Parking is available around the Courthouse Square and along side streets. Parking is restricted by signs on certain streets.

  • What is the Compensation for being a Juror?

    Harrison County provides compensation for jurors for their service. Currently, the rate for jury service is $15.00 per day or any portion thereof, as a prospective juror. If you are selected, the rate of compensation is $40.00 per day or any portion thereof. Mileage is paid at .36ยข cents per mile.

  • What is appropriate to wear for a juror?

    Dress appropriate for being in a courtroom. Business Attire is appropriate, as is casual business attire. Do not report in muscle shirts, cutoff shorts, wearing hats or in any attire that is distracting to court proceedings.

  • Will I need to bring money for my meals?

    If you are selected for jury duty, the Court will provide all of your necessary meals at no cost to you. If you prefer to go to lunch on your own during a trial you will be responsible for your own meals. If you have special dietary needs, please advise the bailiff at your first opportunity.

  • How does the trial usually occur?

    Once the prospective jurors are seated, the Judge will provide you with an introduction of the proceedings.

    You will be informed about the following:

    • The Participants
    • The nature of the case
    • The applicable standard or burden of proof
    • The presumption of innocence in a criminal trial
    • The appropriate means by which jurors may address their private concerns to the judge
    • The appropriate standard of juror conduct
    • The anticipated course of proceedings during trial: and
    • The rules regarding challenges
  • Who do I contact for additional information concerning Jury Duty?

    If you need additional information concerning Jury Duty for Harrison County Circuit Court or Harrison County Superior Court please contact the offices directly.

Circuit Court

Harrison County Circuit Court
300 North Capitol Avenue, 3rd Floor

Corydon, IN 47112
Phone: (812) 738-2191
Fax: (812) 738-7502

Superior Court

Harrison County Superior Court
1445 Gardner Lane NW, Suite 3018
Corydon, IN 47112
Phone: (812) 738-8141
Fax: (812) 738-6337