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List of Available Self Help Court Form Packets

  1. After a case is filed
    1. Appeal
    2. Appear By Phone or Computer (Ask to attend court using a device instead of in person)
    3. Contempt
    4. Continuance (Ask for new court date)
  2. Debt, Housing and Estate
    1. Debt
      1. Letter to creditor to request debt forgiveness
      2. Letter to creditor to dispute charge
      3. Letter to credit bureau to dispute item on credit report
    2. Housing (Mortgage foreclosure)
      1. Ask a Lender for settlement conference
    3. Housing (Eviction)
      1. Request a settlement with landlord or tenant
      2. National CDC Eviction Moratorium (Pause) Notice to landlord
      3. Small claims eviction complaint
      4. Request an eviction expungement
  3. Driving and Expungement
    1. Drivers license
      1. BMV fee reinstatement fee waiver
      2. Specialize driving privileges
    2. Expungement
      1. Court costs letter and fee waiver
      2. Expungement of conviction
      3. Expungement of non conviction
      4. Request and eviction expungement
  4. Family law form packets
    1. Child support
      1. Notify court 19 year old in high school and request continued child support
      2. Modify child support when parents agree
      3. Modify child support when parents do not agree
      4. Modify child support because one child is emancipated
      5. Terminate child support because all children are emancipated
      6. Petition for college expenses & special medical, hospital or dental expenses
    2. Custody
      1. Change custody with an agreement
      2. Change custody without an agreement
    3. Divorce
      1. Divorce with children and with agreement
      2. Divorce with children and without agreement
      3. Divorce without children and with agreement
      4. Divorce without children and without agreement
    4. Guardianship
      1. Guardianship of minor child with consent
      2. Guardianship of minor child without consent
    5. Parenting Time
      1. Change parenting time with agreement when parents are divorced
      2. Change parenting time with agreement when parents were never married
      3. Change parenting time without an agreement
      4. Establish (start) parenting time with agreement when parents were never married
      5. Establish (start) parenting time without agreement when parents were never married
    6. Paternity
      1. Petition for paternity
    7. Relocation
      1. Notice of relocation
      2. Response to relocation
      3. Ask for hearing when relocation response did not request a hearing
  5. Filing and preparing for court
    1. Filing fee waiver
  6. Name and Gender Marker Change
    1. Adult name change
    2. Adult gender marker change
    3. Minor gender marker change
    4. Minor name change with consent
    5. Minor name change without consent
  7. Protection Order

Last revised - 7/2022

Harrison County Clerk

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Phone: (812) 738-4289

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Harrison County Clerk

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Corydon, IN 47112
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Sherry Brown - Clerk