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Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council

Our Mission

“Coming together to create a collaborative system of care that promotes evidence-based practices and utilizes data analysis to improve criminal justice outcomes in our local community.”

Based on legislation created by the State JRAC, HEA 1068, the Local JRAC Statue, was signed into law on April 8, 2021, requiring the establishment of a Local JRAC in every Indiana County. The overarching goal of the Local JRAC is to examine and analyze local data and practices to improve criminal justice outcomes. Local JRACs are required: to promote the use of evidence-based and best practices in the areas of community-based sentencing alternatives and recidivism reduction; review, evaluate, and make recommendations about local practices (community-based corrections and jail overcrowding); compile reports as directed by the State JRAC communicate with the State JRAC to establish and implement best practices and to ensure consistent collection and reporting of data.

In response, Harrison County recently established our local Justice Advisory Council (JRAC) and is committed to coming together to review local practices and data to improve our local criminal justice system.

Submit Opioid Settlement Funding Proposals

The Harrison County Commissioners have appointed the Local JRAC Council to discuss, review, and make recommendations regarding submitted proposals on how to best use our county’s allocated funding from the Opioid Settlement. Proposals will be reviewed twice yearly, in January and July, commencing July 2023. Proposal to be limited to a scope of a one-year project, with eligibility for application for additional funding yearly and dependent on available funds. Proposals will be required to follow the abatement guidelines and not supplant other grant fund projects.

If you or your organization has a proposal regarding the use of Opioid Settlement Funding please email your request to the Local JRAC Council who will present it to the Harrison County Commissioners upon review.

Click here to download the proposal template (pdf)

Email your completed proposal and all related documents to