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Photo By Judi Barr Our Mission

To protect and serve the citizens of Cass County by implementing and facilitating good sound business practices while trying to develop economic growth in our county.

Our History

Cass County was named in honor of General Lewis Cass of Michigan (governor of Michigan Territory through 1831), who was instrumental in the making of treaties with the Native Americans of the region. These treaties opened up the land in this area to white settlers. Cass County itself was formed by an act of the state legislature on December 18, 1828.

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Property Tax Deductions File Online

Submit Opioid Settlement Funding Proposals Here:
The Cass County Commissioners have appointed the Local JRAC Council to discuss, review, and make recommendations regarding submitted proposals on how to best use our county's allocated funding from the Opioid Settlement. Proposals will be reviewed twice yearly, in January and July, commencing July 2023. Proposal to be limited to a scope of a one-year project, with eligibility for application for additional funding yearly and dependent on available funds. Proposals will be required to follow the abatement guidelines and not supplant other grant-funded projects.

If you or your organization has a proposal regarding the use of Opioid Settlement Funding please click here to submit your request to the Local JRAC Council who will present it to Cass County Commissioners upon review.

Download the proposal template here.