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Hyperlinks reference (href) web addresses, files, images, media files, etc.  Hyperlinks begin with an anchor and include a destination.  The destination is enclosed in quotes. 

Anchors require a closing tag, but a href is an attribute of the anchor and does not use a closing tag.

<a href=”www.google.com”> Google </a>
<a href=”/files/aboutus.pdf”> About Us </a>
<a href=”/media/movie.avi”> Watch me! </a>

Sometimes a link may need to be opened in a specific frame or a new window.  Because IN.gov does not utilize frames, the target used the most is a new window (_blank).  The target location is enclosed in quotes and because it is an attribute of the anchor it does not have a closing tag.

<a href=”www.google.com” target=”_blank”> Google </a>