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Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Fund

Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Fund
Funded by the Indiana General Assembly, IC 5-2-6-23

Grant Status Closed

The Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Fund (SAVAF) program aims to provide a comprehensive statewide response for victims of sexual assault. Funding is awarded to (1) establish and maintain rape crisis centers, (2) enhance services provided by existing rape crisis centers, and (3) develop, implement, and expand trauma informed sexual assault services. For purposes of this solicitation, "trauma informed sexual assault services" refers to services that address the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of sexual assault victims throughout their journey. SAVAF is a reimbursement-based grant.

Allowable Activities

Allowable activities and costs are those that support the operations and services delivered to victims of sexual assault statewide. Examples of those services include:

  • 24-hour crisis line and 24-hour on-call advocate to respond onsite to hospitals and other locations where a victim presents.
  • Direct services to victims including informational and referral services, advocacy, legal advocacy, and case management.
  • Counseling or therapy services for victims including support groups.
  • Emergency flexible funding for victims including emergency transportation, shelter, clothing, and food.
  • Expenses associated with providing services to victims including travel, phones, interpretation, equipment, printing of materials, and training costs.
  • Overtime for grant funded staff is an allowable cost, but to claim the increased rate, there must a separate line item in the budget that includes the overtime rate of pay.

Eligible Entities

Public social service entities, nonprofit organizations, and nongovernmental organizations that provide services to victims of sexual assault may apply for funding.

If selected, SAVAF grantees must protect the privacy and confidentiality of those being provided services and must adhere to all of the requirements outlined in the request for proposal.

The award period for the current grant cycle is from January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022.

The priority area of funding is to establish and maintain rape crisis centers that are providing trauma informed sexual assault services and are meeting the components of a rape crisis center.

  1. Total Agency Budget: If the applicant agency is a nonprofit, nongovernmental entity, please complete and upload a “Subgrantee Basic Budget (non-profit Applicant budget form)”. Be sure to complete both the Organizational tab and the Employee tab. The form can be found here. This does not apply to units of government.

  2. Indirect Cost Rate and/or de minimis rate is an unallowable expense on SAVAF.

  3. Sustainability Plan: Please attach a document detailing the applicant’s plan to maintain the program once the grant fund period expires.

  4. Timeline: Please attach a timeline for the completion of the project and/or expenditure of the grant funds.

  5. Letters of Endorsement: Please attach at least one letter of endorsement evidencing community support for the applicant’s FVPSA ARP program.

  6. Miscellaneous
    • Completed and signed EEOP certification.
    • If applying for funds for personnel costs, attach the relevant job descriptions.
    • If applicable, attach other requested information.

For technical assistance with submitting an application, contact the ICJI Helpdesk at CJIHelpDesk@cji.in.gov. ICJI Helpdesk hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm ET, except state holidays.

ICJI is not responsible for technical issues with grant submission within 48 hours of grant deadline.

  • SAVAF Awards

    2022 Awards

    Program: Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Fund
    Number of Awards: 11
    Total Amount Awarded: $1,650,000


    Award Recipient

    Project Description

    Award Amount


    A Better Way Services, Inc.

    The funding will be used to provide immediate and services, including emotional support, advocacy, counseling, and support group, to victims of sexual assault in urban and rural areas. Services will be accessible by telephone, as a walk-up, or via hospital or law enforcement personnel, throughout an eight-county area.



    The Center for Women and Families

    The funding will be used to support secondary and tertiary prevention efforts to help victims at the point of violence (during) and its aftermath, boost resiliency, and encourage healing. Secondary measures will include direct crisis intervention services to victims of violence and providing training and education to service providers to recognize sexual violence and respond and refer appropriately. To address tertiary (after) prevention, advocates will provide case management, safety planning, and referrals to other community resources to support survivors after the violent incident occurred.



    Prevail, Inc. of Hamilton County

    The funding will be used to provide crisis and restorative support services to primary and secondary victims of sexual assault.



    North Central Indiana Rural Crisis Center, Inc.

    The proposed program will ensure that an advocate is available to both primary and secondary victims 24 hours per day to respond to local hospitals to provide on-site advocacy, information, and referrals to victims of sexual assault. Counseling and advocacy services will be performed by an advocate and victims will be given referrals to agencies offering more extensive mental health services within the community. The project will also focus on prevention education efforts in communities throughout the agency's service area, which include Jasper, Newton, and Pulaski counties.



    Assist Indiana, Inc.

    ASSIST Indiana is requesting SAVAF funding to provide comprehensive care to victims of sexual violence utilizing a victim focused, trauma-informed care framework. ASSIST is a comprehensive service provider for victims of sexual violence’s immediate needs, medical, mental, crisis, and follow up services one will need throughout their lifespan for most optimum health and healing.



    Fair Haven, Inc.

    Fair Haven will provide core services to victims/survivors of sexual assault to Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties; engage cross-culturalism through community outreach & education; strengthen and enhance collaboration with state and local Anti-trafficking efforts; and sustain and enhance the implementation of our successful Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Program.



    Latino Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, Inc.

    Through the Esperanza (Hope) Program, the agency assists Latino survivors of sexual violence by providing bilingual direct services: crisis intervention, support groups, accompanying survivors to hospitals and court, advocacy, outreach, referrals, translation, and interpretations. In addition, we provide the following: presentations, trainings, webinars, galleries, and forums to help service providers improve their services targeted to help Latino survivors of sexual violence.



    Children's Bureau

    The Children's Bureau will operate a Rape Crisis Center (RCC) with services to include: 24-hour response to hospitals, 24-hour hotline, information and referral services, advocacy/case management, individual counseling and support groups for, community awareness and prevention education presentations about sexual violence, and training about being trauma-informed to the general public, first responders, health care providers, teachers, social workers and other professionals in the community.



    Middle Way House, Inc.

    We provide crisis intervention, safe space, and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking, as well as primary prevention activities in the community. In addition to over-the-phone and in-person advocacy at the scene, the hospital, or police station immediately following a disclosure of abuse, our supportive services for adult survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault include facilitated peer support groups, legal advocacy throughout the life of a case.



    Safe Passage, Inc.

    Requesting funding for our Safe Place program to victims in their 6 county service area including: operating a designated 24/7 Rape Crisis Line as well as a newly launched iCarol textline; providing immediate crisis response, advocacy, case management and ongoing support to SA victims; assisting with the filing of protective orders, law enforcement reports, and violent crime compensation claims; providing individual, group, and peer healing and support programs to victims; facilitating sexual assault survivor support groups.



    YWCA Greater Lafayette

    YWCA will continue to provide and expand services in a six-county area: Tippecanoe, Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Warren, and White counties. This expansion will lead to a programmatic rebrand and name change away from the Domestic Violence Intervention Prevention Program to be more explicitly inclusive of our sexual violence services. Extensive promotion will be conducted to inform our community of the change, which we anticipate will lead to more sexual violence victims coming forward for support.


  • Past RFPs

SAVAF RFP Webinar, 2021

To assist subgrantees, ICJI's Victim Services Division conducted a webinar about the Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Fund grant RFP, which included a basic overview of the program, important highlights and what to know before applying.