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Rule the Road

You're finally in the driver's seat! Getting your license is an important milestone, but are you really ready to take to the road? Safe driving skills are learned over time, and the more practice you get, the better driver you'll become. Specifically targeted towards teens ages 15-18 who are about to, or have recently received their driver's license, Rule the Road gives teens the unique opportunity to learn the skills they need to keep them safe behind the wheel. Sponsored by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Indiana SADD and local law enforcement, these events allow young drivers to get valuable hands-on driving experience with certified emergency vehicle operators

Rule the Road is sponsored through a grant by State Farm Insurance.

What Teens Are Saying About Rule The Road

  • "It was a good experience and it gave me a lot of good facts and tips."
  • "A great opportunity to learn new ways of driving safely and is a great time!"
  • "An eye-opening convention that teaches a lot."
  • "It's great experience and you can learn many things in just one day."
  • "It helps to enlighten you on dangerous decisions while driving."

Teen Driving Safety

Driving a motor vehicle safely and responsibly requires physical skills, maturity and judgment behaviors that are best acquired over time.

Most parents and safety experts recognize that the sensible way for teens to learn good driving habits is to lead them into those habits gradually.

Many states have Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws that restrict driving at various times of day and during risky circumstances until new teen drivers can prove their ability to drive responsibility and skillfully.

Good driving, however, requires more than just a phased-in licensing period; the proper skills and attitudes need to be taught and learned.

Today, in the United States, most novice drivers receive little instruction beyond practice driving with a parent riding in the passenger seat.

Even when driver's education is available in high schools (increasingly not the case in most communities), emphasis is placed on passing the state licensing exam, not teaching the skills and attitudes that will make teens competent and safe drivers.

Rule the Road will offer teens an opportunity to practice lifesaving skills on a closed course with certified instructors. It will also reinforce and reaffirm safe driving practices including wearing seat belts and not driving impaired or distracted.

What You'll Learn

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Space Management
  • Speed Management

On-Site Activities

  • Fatal Vision Course
  • Driving Practice
  • Skid Simulator
  • Quick Click Seat Belt Challenge
  • Seat Belt Convincer
  • Distracted Driving Simulator
  • Food
  • Games
  • Giveaways
  • Music
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • A chance to meet new people!


Be eligible to win valuable prizes just by attending and completing the activities.  Prizes made possible by donations from sponsors.

Event Registration

Who can participate in Rule the Road?

Rule the Road is open to teens 15-18 years of age, who have just received or are about to receive a driver's license. This event IS NOT basic driver's education! If the student does not have experience operating a motor vehicle, they are not yet ready for Rule the Road.

How do I register?

Please call 317-232-1233 and ask for the "Rule the Road" coordinator.

Scheduling Your Event

If you are interested in hosting a Rule the Road event in your community, please email us or call 317-232-1233 and ask for the "Rule the Road" coordinator to obtain a registration packet.

Sponsorships Available

We are always looking for sponsors, vendors, exhibitors and volunteers for our events. If you are interested, please call 317-232-1233 and ask for the "Rule the Road" coordinator.

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