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School Bus Safety

Stop Arm Violation Enforcement (SAVE) Program

Launched in 2019, the SAVE program was created by ICJI to provide safe transportation routes for students going to and from school in Indiana. Grants are awarded to law enforcement agencies to conduct high visibility patrols along school bus stops and routes, which are identified by coordinating with local bus drivers and school transportation officials.

Every year, two mobilizations are conducted in the spring and fall, in which, officers will be positioned along bus stops and routes looking for stop-arm violations and motorists driving dangerously. Patrols must be conducted Monday–Friday on days when school is in session. The operational periods for 2021 are: March 22 - May 16 and August 1 - September 15. SAVE is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Fall 2020 SAVE results

Stop Arm Violations201
Seat Belt94
Child Restraint6
Misdemeanor DUI2
Felony DUI1
Automatic Signal Violation38
Suspended License112
Criminal Misdemeanor11
Criminal Felony4
All Others380
Total Citations1,701
Warnings Issued1,553