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Crash Investigation

The At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation course prepares participants with the necessary skills to conduct a thorough traffic crash investigation and properly document their findings for courtroom presentation.

In the 80-hour class, presenters show the proper procedures for measuring, scale diagramming, and photographing in order to record physical evidence and essential facts available only at
the crash scene. Participants will learn the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and engineering as they pertain to crash investigations and the proper mathematical equations to apply for the type of crash being investigated. Finally, participants will learn to analyze the information to determine what happened before, during, and after the collision.

Topics Include

  • Physical evidence from the roadway
  • Physical evidence from the vehicle
  • The human element and occupant kinematics
  • Mathematical principles and equations
  • Skid marks and vehicle speeds
  • Crash scene photography
  • Traffic templates
  • Measuring and scale diagramming
  • Driver and witness interviews
  • Information analysis and case preparation

Course Dates and Schedule

No classes are currently scheduled for the At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation course. Check back for dates and sign-up information.

Crash investigaiton

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