Safe Haven Schools


The Indiana Safe School Fund was established as part of our state's commitment to making local schools safer. ICJI is charged with administering and overseeing the implementation of the fund. Pursuant to Indiana Code 5-2-10.1, the Safe Schools Fund was established to:

Promote school safety through the:

  • Purchase of equipment for the detection of firearms and other weapons;
  • Use of dogs trained to detect firearms, drugs, explosives, and illegal substances; and
  • Purchase of other equipment and materials used to enhance the safety of schools.

Combat truancy by:

  • Providing matching grants to schools for school safe haven programs;
  • Providing grants for school safety and safety plans; and
  • Providing educational outreach and training to school personnel concerning identification, prevention and intervention strategies associated with bullying.
  • SRO Reporting System Guide
  • SRO Letter for Superintendents

The goals of the Safe Haven Grant are:

  • To afford students and staff professional development opportunities to develop the skills and strategies necessary to prevent violent and potentially violent situations.
  • To enable schools to identify and acquire the programs and resources necessary to implement research-based models and proven practices for curriculum, policies, procedures and instruction.
  • To assist schools in creating a physical environment that fosters the safety and well-being of students and staff within the school campus.

A safe school provides a physical and social environment in which students are able to learn and achieve to their fullest capacity. A safe school environment also enables educators, administrators and other staff to support students in that pursuit without violence, the threat of violence or other safety concerns. To accomplish these goals, schools must assess their risk factors, needs, local resources and existing efforts and strategies.