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Grant Management Directives and Policies

Grant Management Directives encapsulate ICJI policies and incorporate rules, regulations and laws governing grants administered by ICJI. The Directives are intended to provide streamlined guidance to internal and external stakeholders in the hope of clarifying the complexities surrounding the grant-management process.

In addition to the grant management directives, here are some additional resources for subgrantees:

ICJI payees that need to change their address, Taxpayer Identification Number and/or bank account must complete new W-9 and Direct Deposit Authorization forms, which are available under Accounts Payable Forms on the Auditor’s website. Completed forms should be submitted to your ICJI program manager for the changes to take effect for all ICJI grants and all state of Indiana payments.

Civil Rights Training

The Department of Justice requires all recipients and subrecipients of federal funds to comply with a variety of federal civil rights laws. ICJI has created a Civil Rights Training providing more information on what is required of subgrantees. The following is a list of DOJ grants:

  • Sexual Assault Services Formula Grant (SASP)
  • Services * Training * Officers * Prosecutors Violence Against Women Formula Grant (STOP)
  • Victims of Crime Act Grant (VOCA) – This includes all VOCA grants – transitional housing, COVID, underserved, etc.
  • Title II Grant (Title II)
  • Title II Prison Rape Elimination Act Grant (Title II PREA)
  • Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant (Coverdell)
  • Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)
  • NICS Act Record Improvement Program Grant (NARIP)
  • National Criminal History Improvement Program Grant (NCHIP)
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act Grant (PREA)
  • Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant (PSN)
  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Grant (RSAT)
  • Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act Grant (SORNA)
  • Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant (BVP)
  • On an annual basis, all subgrantees must: (1) complete the training and (2) send the certificate of completion and the completed Civil Rights Checklist, to training@cji.in.gov.

    Civil Rights Training

    To file a civil rights complaint against an entity that receives funding from CJI, please use this form: Complaint Form.

    Training Materials and Webinars

    Determinations of Suitability to Interact with Participating Minors for State Administrators

    OVW Attorney Advisors discuss the award condition Determining the Suitability to Interact with Participating Minors. This webinar is specifically tailored to state administrating agencies of OVW Formula Grants. The presenters describe how to inform and train sub-recipients about this award condition and how to monitor their compliance with this obligation.

    Policy for Response to Workplace Related Incidents of Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, and Dating Violence

    This webinar covers the following special condition: Policy for Response to Workplace Related Incidents of Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, and Dating Violence for SAAs.