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Victim Services


The Victim Services Division administers funding to programs throughout the state that provide a variety of direct services to crime victims based on specific needs.

Services are defined as efforts that respond to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims, assist primary and secondary victims of crime to stabilize their lives after victimization, assist victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system, and provide victims of crime with a measure of safety and security. The division awards federal dollars to these programs from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

***FRAUD ALERT: The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute was recently notified that the Office for Victims of Crime’s (OVCs) name is being used as part of an impostor scam. The scammers falsely represent themselves as OVC (or other government employees) and attempt to obtain personal information, such as a social security number, or they will ask for money (suggesting the person’s social security number “has been compromised”). Click here to read more.


The following is a list of funding streams administered by the Victim Services Division:

  • State: Domestic Violence Prevent and Treatment (DVPT)
  • Federal: Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA)
  • Federal: Sexual Assault Services Project (SASP)
  • State: Sexual Assault Victims Assistance Fund (SAVAF)
  • Federal through the Department of Child Services: Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) domestic violence grants
  • Federal: Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

Board of Trustees Victim Services Subcommittee

The Victim Services Subcommittee of the ICJI Board of Trustees last met on Thursday, May 28, 2020. Click here to view the agenda.