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Licenses & Permits

Livestock Brands

Commercial Dog Breeders and Brokers


Licenses and permits to operate a dairy in the state of Indiana must be obtained from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health Dairy Division.

Livestock Dealers/Markets

Meat & Poultry Inspection

Hunting Preserves

Dead Animal Disposal

The Board of Animal Health issues the following licenses concerning the disposal of dead animals:

  1. Disposal Plant License: Before a disposal plant operates in Indiana, a disposal plant license is required. Rendering plants require a disposal plant license.

  2. Collection Service License: Any person operating a service to collect dead animals and/or restaurant grease in Indiana must be licensed.

  3. Transport Vehicle Permits: Trucks utilized by a disposal plant or collection service for the purpose of transporting dead animals and/or restaurant grease must have a vehicle permit from the Board of Animal Health.

  4. Exotic Animal Feeding Permit: Owners of exotic animals who transport dead domestic animals for feeding to their exotic animals must have a permit from the Board of Animal Health.

For more information consult the Dead Animal Disposal Act (IC 15-2.1-16), and the dead animal disposal rule 345 IAC.

Veterinary Licenses

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency issues licenses to veterinarians to practice veterinary medicine in Indiana.  For more information go to the Indiana Board of Veterinary Examiners website.

Wildlife Possession Permits

Wildlife possession permits are issued by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. For more information go to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website.